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Interesting Observation

Is it me or does it seem that Americans are among the most unsportsmanlike people on the planet?  Before I go any further let me offer congrats to Usain and Shelly-Ann, Sherone and Keron on their recent wins at the Beijing Olympics. Well done guys!!!

I was taken aback by the US team’s reaction to the wins. Everything from “false start” (which would have been their offence by-the-way)  to suspicion of drug usuage to interviews by media personnel proclaiming and highlighting the “faults” of the Jamaican athletes. I defend the athletes because I am Jamaican. I defend them because I see them doing nothing wrong and I defend them because I think they deserve the praise they get.

It erks me to hear the negative criticism from our American (and Trinidadian) conterparts simply because they have not done as well in a particular event. Are the 4 or 5 medals that we have won that critical to your total of 70-odd that you have amassed that you find it so difficult to say well done to such a small country.

I dismiss the remarks of Ato Boldon as simply the utterings of someone who has nothing better to do and whose only interest is to continue the ongoing rivalry between our two Carib nations. His comments warrant no further attention.

On a positive note…..CONGRATS!!!!!! especially to Shelly-Ann. I haven’t seen a happier person than her when she won her race. That smile is the smile of the Olympics.

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