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C&W Strikes Again

Seems that Cable and Wireless is living up to the popular bastardization of its name to careless and wuthliss (worthless). Some time ago they introduced a calling plan that would see user paying a set monthly fee and in return would receive a block of minutes for calls to the US and Canada. Well only months later the cap is now reduced and customers are peeved to say the least. Personally, I think we should boycott C &W. In fact I have just reactivated my Digicel chip and I am relegating my C & W sim card to a maybe phone.  It seems as if anything to benefit the consumer is above and beyond this “service” provider. I will agree that the minutes initially offered may be a little over the top but they have literally slashed the allocation by 90%. Many persons returned to C&W because of this feature and many stayed because of it. The received customers through their partner/client EZ Mobile but I can promise you this, they won’t be getting my $1000 per month for the pitance they are offering. I am forced to use them because of my physical location within my office and will only be addding my usual prepaid minutes, but I still take satisfaction in telling them…C&W….up yours……  

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