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Jazz and Boos????

I am reading with some amazement the headline story in today’s paper where it puts forward a story about the just concluded Jazz and Blues festival in the western section of the island. Seems as if the personal preferences of a “star” comes before the needs of the paying fans. In this modern day and age which seasoned performer can expect not to be recorded at a major event. Stupidity seems to know no boundaries I guess. Jamaicans are easy fans to please. Go out there sing their favourite songs, talk to them and yuh criss. On the other hand, they are extremely serious about what they want and what they pay to see. Miss Ross has lost a lot of respect here and I honestly can’t say I blame the fans. I can say without even thinking that she is lucky to have made it off the stage without being “bottled”. Many an artiste have found themselves on the receiving end of projectiles after infuriating large crowds. Somehow I doubt that she will be contracted for anything events in Jamaica in the near future. Artistes need to remember that the fans pay the bills. Lose the fans and you lose their money.

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