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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

The Battle’s Over the Victory won……

Well my stint at college is finally over. As of the 3rd of November I am officially out on my rear end from school. I am now, for all intents and purpose, a university graduate. The valedictorian cried as she dedicated her degree to her mother. I dedicate mine to my family and friends who stuck with me through the fight.  All I will say right now is that I’m grateful.

It also with some amzement that I was also awarded the the only “1st class” honours degree in my major. I say this against the background of being 1) an older student and 2) studying part-time 3) and finally a male student (was just reminded by a friend that usually females dominate the scholastic arena). I’m happy. All the hard work and dedication to the task paid off and I can see the results.

Congrats to all who graduated recently (and along the same lines as my edit, there were notably quite a few males who received 1st class honours in their courses of study, to the point where the ladies were all but overshadowed at the function).

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