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Celebrating the Life of a Great Jamaican

This blog pays tribute to Mr. Herb McKinley who died yesterday. McKenley

Image from the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association Limited website.

I had the privilege of meeting him a few years ago when he visited an exhibition put on by my organization. Even then, well past his running prime, the demeanour of this larger than life Jamaican turned many a heads as he moved through the exhibition. I won’t get into his accomplishments or stories of his conquests. I will add my condolences to his family and instead end with “Well done, good and faithful servant.” You have toiled well now enjoy the fruits of your labour. Rest in Peace.

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Life Changing Decisions

It’s so funny how life throws curve balls at you. For those who have been following this story of the over aged college student (now grauate) you would have read my journey through studies in HR. Well the Monday after I graduated I made an application for a job outside of my field in fact in the job would be in a totally different environment. I would remain with my company but would no longer be in HR. Well I was advised yesterday that I was being appointed to the position. I will therefore leave HR in a week or two for new ground.

I’m of mixed feelings since I spent the last five years of my life devoted to HR studies and the last 15 years in the profession. So after 5 years of studying I will get to use my newfound knowledge for all of one month. 😀 I really shouldn’t look at it like that since what I studied solidifies what I have been doing for the past 15 years.

I know several other things will also change since I won’t have access to the internet as freely and it will involve much more montoring of persons etc. Right now I am having trouble with both internet at home and internet at office so my viewing and commenting is next to zero. C & W has me moving at snail pace so I’m internetless until they decide to have pity on me.  So we’ll chat again soon.

Edit: Well C&W decide to help me out a little yesterday. Internet at home was behaving slightly better than snails pace but still not up to what I’m paying for. It seems to be behaving a little better at work too hence a few comments here and there. These uitlity companies have you by the genitals.

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The Battle’s Over the Victory won……

Well my stint at college is finally over. As of the 3rd of November I am officially out on my rear end from school. I am now, for all intents and purpose, a university graduate. The valedictorian cried as she dedicated her degree to her mother. I dedicate mine to my family and friends who stuck with me through the fight.  All I will say right now is that I’m grateful.

It also with some amzement that I was also awarded the the only “1st class” honours degree in my major. I say this against the background of being 1) an older student and 2) studying part-time 3) and finally a male student (was just reminded by a friend that usually females dominate the scholastic arena). I’m happy. All the hard work and dedication to the task paid off and I can see the results.

Congrats to all who graduated recently (and along the same lines as my edit, there were notably quite a few males who received 1st class honours in their courses of study, to the point where the ladies were all but overshadowed at the function).

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Charged Breakfast…

Well yesterday morning wifey and I got up and realized that there was absolutely no bread in the house so we decided to make fried dumplings (johnny cakes). Now, we have never successfully managed to create fried dumplings that are easy on the mouth but today we decided to give it our best shot. Wifey made the dough mix…flour, salt, baking powder…no problem. She turned over the dough to me for rolling into those little round shapes that would become our breakfast.

We decided that since past experiences were still evident we would deep-fry the dumplings. Seven or so went into the pot of extremely hot oil. Five (5) minutes later the dumplings are still not their expected  colour so leave them on for a few more minutes.

All of a sudden explosions are heard. Scratchie dives for cover pulling down wifey with him (well not quite so dramatic but you get the idea) 😀 Really though all of a sudden there are explosions and dumplings are flying out of the pot taking oil with them and sadly we lost four…no not people, dumplings.

Apparently air pockets built up in the shell which had gotten hard and subsequently went boom. dwl.  The Taller One advocates that we find a way to have timed explosions and sell our findings to the military as a personal attack weapon. 😀

As for breakfast, well we had to let them cool then we broke out the jackhammers to break through the outer shell. Not quite…despite a tough exterior the dumplings made for a great breakfast with some bacon and fruit juice. I can tell you however, that we certainly won’t be marketing them anytime soon. Had to ask wifey if she had put any gunpowder or something in the dumpling dough though. Another novel idea is to just simply throw them at people. They could cause serious concussion. 😀 All the drama made for an entertaining morning.

Moral of the story, Don’t let HR officers and teachers into the kitchen to fry dumplings.   

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