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Some of my vacation Photos

 The Empire State Building towers over as seen from New Jersey. 

The Empire State Building

 Manhattan skyline from across the river at Hoboken New Jersey

Manhattan from across the river

Work of Seniors who refuse to accept that life ends at retirementGarden at Uncle's apt

 Sunset at the Train Station in New JerseySunset at the Train Station


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Well today marks the end of another very hectic week for me. I feel as if I have done so much work and have accomplished nothing. I sat on a committee that was charged with reviewing some documents and because of one minor technicality the entire process must be restarted.

I made a submission draft of a document to the personnel manager and she literally redid the document and cc’d the redone version to me with her comments. I responded since none of her changes reflect a change in substance or content but rather a variation in writing styles. I told her to go have fun with it and stated my disgust. Next time I will supply the raw data and have her do the construct since we seem to have very different opinions on styles. I feel that at that level the critical details must be stated clearly and concisely but she feels they need to read 10 paragraphs of fluff and padding (and in some cases, false info).  I can see many issues in the future with this woman.

My car has sprung an oil leak so I need to have that addressed next week. I will be going to do my graduation photos tomorrow. Hoping it doesn’t take too long and they come out looking good.

BTW I found the camera cable neatly packed in the camera bag so I’ll post the photos I promised tomorrow or Sunday.

At any rate this is just to wish you all a great weekend.

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