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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….


I can sum up the last 2 days in one word…..Rain!!!

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t dislike the rain, I just hate the resulting traffic jams and the potholes and the idiots who think they are driving boats…I think you get the point.

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A Touchy Subject

I was watching the Larry King show earlier this week (or was it late last week?)…oh well…recently. It featured Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria. I admire the man’s outlook on life and was kinda impressed with the way he handled many of the questions thrown at him about his life and his church and preaching methods. Personally I think the Bible is the source of religious foundation but Mr. Osteen seems to focus on life issues and how we deal with those practical situations and how we live or lives in relation to others. He has been criticised as being “theology lite” among many other things including his wealth and lack of Crosses in his church…and the list goes on.

I raise the point of theology lite and I wonder if this is a fair accusation in view that his church has moved over the years from a membership of 6000 to close to 50,000 on a regular basis. Just thinking that maybe some persons need this type of simplistic view of Christianity to be able to accept the fundamental teachings of the Bible, which, when you come down to it, is really and simply put…LOVE. Maybe some persons really can’t or don’t need to comprehend the situations and applications of eros, phileo and agape. Maybe they just need directions on what to do and how to do it acknowledging that there is a God and that they are charged to live their lives a certain way.

Technically speaking a life of love (not making love or sex) should cover all the biblical requirements.  Where I will move away slightly is that I believe that the Bible is God’s word to us and through reading we are able to develop a much closer and fuller relationshipship with Him. It leads me to my other point, can we have one without the other? Yes reading the Bible and knowing it is one thing but if not applied to life then….? On the other hand living your live according to a standard that is unknown may be just as pointless. Maybe we need the balance…    

Do I agree with Mr. Osteen? I have no idea. I guess his works serves a purpose that draw people closer to God and I don’t think we are called to complete the full circle. So in that respect he has a very valid point. The fact is 50,000 people find peace in his church.    

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Where are They?

It occurred to me this morning as I passed an old buliding that so many of the places I knew as a child have faded into oblivion. I can remember clearly Road Runner ice cream shops, Shakey’s Pizza, Stanley Motta, Bata Shoes, Brook’s Shopper’s Fair & Town and Country Stores, Morin’s Shoes, Island Victoria Bank, Century National Bank, Jamaica Citizen’s Bank, Homeletrix and of course Times Store where many a Christmas gift were bought.  I realize that most of the persons who stop by here won’t even know what the heck I’m talking about. It just seems strange that old businesses fade away and new ventures take their place without so much as a parting good-bye. These new ventures will one day outlive their viability and they too will fade away. The story of life I suppose. A dew, a very minute few will live on for longer than average but even these will not stay the same. They must evolve to survive.

Have a great week everybody.

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More rain…and traffic…and two and a half hour drives home   *sigh*

Have a good weekend.   

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Today was cool

We’ve been having some serious rains in Jamaica for the last few days. Yesterday was the limit. It took me a whole 2 hours to reach home. This morning was yucky and it took a bit longer than usual to get to office but since I left home early it wasn’t too much of an issue. At least wifey was able to reach work on time (since we share one car).

Saw one of my usual MSN contacts online this morning and arranged for lunch today (no not funch, just lunch). She brought a friend along. Lunch was decent and the company was good so I’m OK with that. Talking was easy and flowed well considering that it was the firstr time I was meeting my friend’s friend. I’ve been reading her writings for a while but have never had the opportunity to meet face to face.

Skies are still overcast but hopefully the sun will get a little bit of a chance to grace us with its presence. As for work…blah!!!

Was reading an article this morning about Lindsay Lohan. Why do i bother to torture myself with these spoilt brats who have everything but actually have nothing. The humanistic part of me says to give her a chance to redeem herself but the other side says that she’ll be back in trouble by month end. 

Anywayz this is just a quick hail up for now.

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A few More Photos

Stuffed Tiger


Straight out of Jurassic Park

Dino Skull

Another Skull Look at how huge that thing is.

Skull 2

The Tree was cut at whole heap of years old and measured 18 feet at the base. They say it was 350 feet tall. That’s lots of toothpicks.


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Some of my vacation Photos

 The Empire State Building towers over as seen from New Jersey. 

The Empire State Building

 Manhattan skyline from across the river at Hoboken New Jersey

Manhattan from across the river

Work of Seniors who refuse to accept that life ends at retirementGarden at Uncle's apt

 Sunset at the Train Station in New JerseySunset at the Train Station

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Well today marks the end of another very hectic week for me. I feel as if I have done so much work and have accomplished nothing. I sat on a committee that was charged with reviewing some documents and because of one minor technicality the entire process must be restarted.

I made a submission draft of a document to the personnel manager and she literally redid the document and cc’d the redone version to me with her comments. I responded since none of her changes reflect a change in substance or content but rather a variation in writing styles. I told her to go have fun with it and stated my disgust. Next time I will supply the raw data and have her do the construct since we seem to have very different opinions on styles. I feel that at that level the critical details must be stated clearly and concisely but she feels they need to read 10 paragraphs of fluff and padding (and in some cases, false info).  I can see many issues in the future with this woman.

My car has sprung an oil leak so I need to have that addressed next week. I will be going to do my graduation photos tomorrow. Hoping it doesn’t take too long and they come out looking good.

BTW I found the camera cable neatly packed in the camera bag so I’ll post the photos I promised tomorrow or Sunday.

At any rate this is just to wish you all a great weekend.

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What Next?

We have a new government and we seem to have gotten most of the election queries out of the way. The new government has settled in and I will not say how they are doing since 1 month in office is way too short to give them a fighting chance to do anything except surveying the mess that they are now charged with cleaning up. Frankly speaking I’m not gonna hold my breath. Seems that they will be holding to their promise of returning school fees paid for all students in primary and high schools. Question is “When?” What I do notice is that the new set of ministers appear to be hands on and I’ll let you know if that continues.

I’ve started playing badminton again. I never knew that there were so many muscles in the body that could cause serious pain. I recognize vividly that my competitive days are over. Strictly recreational badminton for for me. 😀 (not that I was very competitive to begin with)

Well it would seem that my status at school is finalized. All grades have now been entered and I am slated to graduate on 3 November. I did the necessary registrations yesterday and will go back up to campus to complete the process later in the week. I thought that this semester was my worst at school but final results didn’t affect my GPA too badly at all. All in all I’m quite pleased with the results. It seems so strange after going up there for so long and slaving through classes and assignments that I’ve finally completed the course. It was so weird to be up there looking about putting the place behind me. I couldn’t help but feel relieved that it’s over and feeling a little sorry for those students who still have to deal with the whole school thing.

In all honesty, I enjoyed my time at university. The work was rough and there were some challenges but in a very twisted way the enjoyment came from dealing with those challenges.  My topic is What’s next? The answer…I have no idea. I know that I do not want to enroll in a Masters programme. Initially I wanted to do a hybrid degree with focus on the IT side of HR so maybe now is a good time to take on the IT challenge. I’m considering some career specific programmes maybe I’ll go study networking. Any suggestions? There must be something out there for a computer focused HR person to study.

N.B. I had promised to post some photos of my trip. I’m having a little problem locating my cable for the camera. 😦 I hope I haven’t left it in NY. As soon as I find it (or heaven forbid, have it sent to me) I’ll post them.

A little Jamaican Humour for you all:

The National Poetry Contest had come down to two, a

Yale graduate and a Jamaican Rastaman.


They were given a word, and then allowed two minutes

to study the word and come up with a poem that

contained the word.


The word they were given was “Timbuktu”.


First to recite his poem was the Yale graduate.


He stepped to the microphone and said:


Slowly across the desert sand,


trekked a lonely caravan;

Men on camels two by two,


Destination –  Timbuktu.


The crowd went crazy!


No way could the Rastaman top that, they thought.


The Rastaman calmly made his way to the microphone

and recited:


Me and Tim a huntin’ went.


Met three whores in a pop up tent.


They was three, and we was two,

so I bucked one, and Timbuktu.



Till I come back this way, take care.


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