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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

I’m on Vacation…and so is the Blog *smile*

Well I’m in NY for a few days. Had a heck of a trip up with the hurricane and all but I’m here and chilling with family. Going down to New Jersey on Sunday and then back to NY on Thursday. Was hoping to go to Washington but too much driving and I’m not so familiar with the trains so these two will have to do.

The ordeal with Air Jamaica is an experience that I’ll have to share when I get back. For now I can only hope all is well with you all.  Take care…

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Life and Its Challenges

Well school officially ended for me on Friday. I submitted my final project and in checking the website for the university I realise that they have actually started to post grades for some courses. Well the grades aren’t looking too bad so far. In fact one course which we were fretting about, even if I fail the final exam (which I don’t think I did), it would be almost impossible to fail the course overall (unless I got a zero). We’ll just have to wait and see. So for the next 2 weeks I’ll have to be watching the computer system for updates.

On a different note life can really throw some curves. On Emancipation Day (which is a public holiday here in Jamaica) a friend and co-worker lost her son in a traffic accident. The young man was all of seven years old. This has put a tailspin on the entire department. We knew him and knew of him and his relationship with his parents. Sadly he was in the back of an SUV sleeping when the vehicle was hit by another car which was trying to avoid a head on collision with an overtaking car. He was thrown around in the van as it went off the road. The funeral was on Saturday and it was a sad sad event. All those who spoke were moved to tears. I visited her house on Friday after getting some help to find the place.  Life can be so cruel. We left work on the Tuesday and all was well, only to get a call on Wednesday that he had been killed. For those who are so inclined please say a word of prayer for the family. The impact is deep and recovery will be slow.

On another note, I am actually travelling in about nine days or so. It will be the first time that I have been allowed to go in quite a few years. School has stood in the way every time I get the bug to go. I will be going alone and I have no spending money but that will take care of itself.

I actually felt kinda lost on the weekend with nothing school related to do. Don’t get me wrong there is a big difference between lost and unhappy. I was lost and quite elated really. I figure it will take a bit to get accustomed to this newfound freedom but I’m willing to take up the challenge. My rechargeable batteries are messing with me so it looks like I may need to invest in a new set. I think the charger is cooked so until i get them my photography is on hold. That camera eats penlight batteries for lunch so buying the regulars don’t make any sense.

Just got a call from an old friend who now lives in Canada. It’s good to hear from him and to know all is well with him and his family.

Other than that….life continues.       

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