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Mi Still Deh Bout

Hi all. I somehow think that by now I’ve probably lost whatever was left of my readership. School has had me by the proverbial (let me be politically correct) male reproductive organ. I have been flitting around to a few blogs but not many and I don’t see that changing much for the next few weeks. Let me put this into context…today I have an exam, I have 2 term papers due by Friday, I have a coursework assessment grading on Saturday between 1:00 and 5:00, next Tuesday and Wednesday I have exams and I have another term paper due by Friday of next week. One term paper was already submitted on 25th July. My consolation is that I will be finished by Friday August 10th. No not just finished the semester….I mean finished with my degree.

It has been long in coming, some 20 years in fact, but I will have finally accomplished what I set out to do so many years ago. I started my quest to obtain my degree in 1985 and because of varying circumstances and life changes I have had to start and stop and start and stop several times. In 2002 I finally decided that nothing was going to get in my way. Well I still have 2 weeks to go and many assignments to complete but all things being equal this will be the last of it.

So my plea is for you guys to bear with me for a bit longer and maybe then I can write some stuff of interest to you all, although maybe not. We’ll see. See you guys on the flip side.  

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Well as you can tell from the zero posting status that things are rough on my side of things. I’m tired and I’m stressed but I’m still alive and kicking. I haven’t had much time to myself over the past few weeks so nothing much is to be said.

Ruffles is fine. She is fitting in quite well. She started off by trying to attack the bigger dog who promptly put her in her place. Roxy who is probably weighing in at about 70 pounds was having none of the noise from the little pipsqueak.

The election machinery is in high gear. Pure rubbish talk about who doing what and who not doing what and all the promises for Utopia. Well last night the Prime Minister announced that nomination day will be the 7th August and election day will be 27th August. Now the trick will be to avoid all the rallies and motorcades and political meetings until then. Then we won’t have to worry about this again for another 5 years or so. Don’t I sound enthusiastic? yippeeeee hurrayyyy …whaddever…..

I marvel at how ridiculous or national leaders are. The Opposition Leader has been clammering for the announcement of election day for close to 6 months, now that it is announced the first words out of his mouth is that “the country has been shafted….” . Could it be because he will have to run those stupid “not changing course” ads for another 6 weeks or so. Really I should be the one complaining because I have to endure them every ten minutes or so. Now not only do i have to listen to those ads but I will also be subjected to some crap or the other from the other party who will shortly have their own crap added to the mix of annoying ads. In my opinion neither party has anything more to offer to this country. We are in need of a full overhaul of our political system including leaders of government. I think we need 120 new representative who have never run nor have parents involved in the current political system. In other words we need an uncorrupted system.

Other than that I have pretty much nothing more to add. See you guys when I get a chance.

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