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World, meet Ruffles…Ruffles, meet the world.

World meet Ruffles 

Ruffles on her first night with us. She had an eye infection.

Ruffles in a better mood 

Ruffles on her way to the vet to get that eye checked out and check out the runs.

Refusing to be photographed...fresh 

Ruffles refusing to be photographed. I think she misses her mom but all a part of life.

 Biting the Shorter One

Two weeks later and she is around playing with the Shorter One. Even biting is allowed I guess.

Ramping time 

New and improved Ruffles taken about 4 days ago. We have had her for just about a month and the vet is amazed at the transformation over the short time.  So Ruffles got her first set of shots yesterday and tried to bite the vet. The eye is totally healed and without scarring. The coccidia (a parasite in her intestine that gives her the runs) is no longer present and she is now eating very well……a little too well if you ask me. The vet feels she will be a fairly large adult dog. I hope not. She has one more transition to make, well 2 really. She will need to adjust to life outdoors when she gets a little older and she will need to fend for herself with my other dog who is really large.

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Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!     Some years ago I gave a friend a humorous birthday card about aging and sadly it looks like I’ve become the subject of my own Joke. I looked in the mirror last night and it would appear that I’m aging like fine wine….. The older I’m getting is the more full bodied I’m becoming. 😦    Where did all those pounds come from. They weren’t there yesterday. Somebody stuck those fat cells in there while I was sleeping or I wonder if by any remote chance it had to do with those 12 chocolate chip cookies I buy from Pricesmart every 2 weeks….or maybe the chocolate Kisses that I like so much. Somehow I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong.  

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The Madness Continues

Well school has been going on for about three weeks now and it has started out to be a very hard semester. They all have been so nothing newsworthy about that. This semester though we have an extra course. Why? you may ask. Well in the 1st semester of this year we had a scheduled module that never got off the ground. This module has now become our nightmare. Here we are in the shortest semester of the year with more courses than ever before. I can only see it as a last ditch effort of the university to either drive us insane or kill us off totally. My group members and I sat down to plot our way forward and we now count 7 major projects due at practically the same time. 😦   One course in particular has my attention, the sport elective. It involves 45 classroom hours as well as 45 hours self administered. This would not have been so bad if we didn’t have that damn outstanding course to do as well. This has eaten its way into our study and group time as well as the time allocated for the extra 45 hours. It not looking too pretty at all. I need to do some serious time organization.

As for the weekend, rain rain and more rain. I don’t know if I had mentioned that the Shorter One finally got her puppy to replace the dog that died some time in April. or May. She has called her Ruffles and basically is pampering the dog like never before. Ruffles is costing me though. Two vet bills so far and she still hasn’t gotten her first set of shots as yet. I’m one of those people though, that believes that you should care for your pets as best as possible. I’ll post some photos that she took of Ruffles later. On another note, I took a few minutes yesterday to do some gardening. Fixed up some of the potted plants on the verandah and so forth. Looks like one of the Poinsettas isn’t going to make it though. It has some disease and we can’t figure out what it is. I know we are plagued with the white flies but I haven’t seen them around but the plant is still dying. I’m waiting on word from the garden place that took a sample for testing. The guy was as baffled as we are.  

I went to lunch on Friday with a friend. It was nice to get away from the boring office lunch and just chit chat for a while. Right now I’m on a shortened lunch time so that I can zip out early to attend classes. The only day that I have my regular lunch time is on a Friday so I spent my out of the canteen.

Nothing much of note is going on. The Lisa Hanna saga continues. More local talk is that she is running in the PNP just to spite her ex husband who was a representative of the JLP. I can’t confirm or deny this. I can see with the argument but I don’t think it’s worth losing sleep over.

My photoblog has stalled but I hope to pick it up back in a bit. Just need some time to sort out myself.

Later all.  

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