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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Don’t Know What to Say……

I can honestly say that Scratchie is at a loss for words. I haven’t even been commenting on most if not all the blogs that I frequent. This semester has been extremely rough on me. Last year I mentioned preparation for a course which meant the students in their final year would need to host a national class seminar. That event was held just this week. It was an extremely trying time especially these past few weeks. There were weekly meetings and weekly sub-meetings and fundraising events and reports that all needed to be done or face a failing grade. The Seminar went well and now all that is left is the tidying up with final reports and sign off.

My new photo space at Aminus3 has stalled a bit. I have been trying not to post from my office so I upload a weeks worth of photos at a time and the site scrolls them on a daily basis. I missed a few for this week so I’ll have to make up for it over the weekend. I may be taking on too much for the weekend though. The awards ceremony is tomorrow night and I have software testing at the office in the morning as well as a wrap up meeting for the seminar some time during the day. This means that I literally have no weekend.

I watched the movie Bordertown last night. I don’t know how to comment on it. I thought it wasquite boring actually and lost interest half way through. The subscript reading and the dreary look to it just wasn’t my type of thing at all. It would have done better as a documentary. I’ve seen better movies from Jennifer Lopez.

Anyway, I have to cut this short. All being well I will try to do something a little better over the weekend. Take care all.

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I’m Still Alive

Hey guys. This is just a short post to say that I’m still alive and well. I updated the Gallery so you can take a look at some of the photos I posted there.

I’m having mid semesters right now so my blog visits are even less than usual. Well I managed to replace my Moto V3i. I got a refund on the one that stopped working and used that to buy a down-scaled model (a regular V3 Razr). The new one is flat black. The main difference between the two is the absence of iTunes and the new one has no memory card. I never used either feature anyway and I was afraid to acquire another instrument made in the same place as my failed unit. I had gone to the forums and realized that several of the phones made in Singapore were experiencing the same issues as mine so hence my fear. Motorola is on trial with this phone so let’s see what happens. I actually wanted a Samsung D900 but I have a serious problem spending J$30,000 on a phone. If that kinda money spend on a phone, the phone is suppose to be able to dial the numbers for me, cook my dinner and reproduce itself. Taylor had suggested that I buy some other phone but I don’t like them so back to my Razr. What can I say…it’s just my likes and dislikes.

My turn to brag and boast and show off. The University has advised me that I will be awarded a prize for “Outstanding Performance in HRM (part-time group)” . I haven’t figured out whether it’s an overall performance in the last academic year or in a particular subject but I’ll hear more about it closer to the time. I don’t even know what the award is but from the mere fact that I was chosen from my part-time group for any kind of recognition is an achievement. So it says that over-aged college students can still show the youngsters how it’s done. dwl  BTW, I am open to all cash awards that you may send my way. lol

As usual school sucks but hey….I’ll hopefully be out of there in 5 months or so. Sounds like a prisoner waiting to be put on parole…nuh true? All are waiting to see what the start of CWC will hold for us here in Kingston. I am dreading the traffic and the avoiding of certain roads but hey, this too will pass.

I gotta go now but i’ll pass by again soon. Take care until then.

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