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Friday and nothing much Happening 22/09/2006

Well as the title says nothing much going on here. Seems that the talk of early elections is in the air. The JLP have actually started their campaign but the ruling PNP have said that there is no such thing going on. Then again I didn’t expect them to say anything else. They will have their conference (I think it is this weekend) and from that then we will know who the party elected for their senior posts. I wouldn’t be surprized if there is an early election but one never knows with these politicians. Constitutionally they have until near the end of 2007 so………..

The industrial relations climate here has been really bad since May with the signing of the new Memorandum of Understanding between Government employees and the government. Nurses, teachers, doctors, police and a few other groups have removed themselves from the process and so are not bound by the MOU. These groups have been having hell dealing with the government and it stems from a perceived “take it or leave it” attitude adapted by the government and since the bulk of the workers have already been dealt with “we can deal with you at will”. Every week a new round of strike threats, sick outs and general complaining in the media goes on and on and on.

This week the police force was struck with unusual bouts of illness. (I think they need to examine the police canteen 😀 ) They are not allowed to strike by law. My concern is that if they are not allowed to strike then how do you deal with the type of attitude that their employers display when their needs are to be met. I can understand the national security but then I also see the wifes and baby mothers  and children of the officers waiting at the will of the government who has adapted a don’t care attitude. The process is a two way street and as such if one side breaks the process of good faith then in my books that negates the others obligations to perform. If national security is impotant to the government then treat the entrusted officers as if it is important. Well I see the officers are feeling much better and are out in full force today. 🙂

I fail to see how the government after three years of wage restrain by public sector employees can now turn around and say that they can’t afford to pay salary increases. It shows a simple lack of foresight and planning on their part.

The Friday radio banter on Full House Friday was about indiscipline of road users. I won’t go into that one since it’s a blog post by itself. They were also chatting about a trip that some Jamaican comedians had to somewhere in London. It enforces the fact that our dialect is certainly colourful. I tried to envision a foreigner listening to the program and trying to understand what was being said. There is no way that they could follow the conversation at all. Language unites a people fuh real.

Anyway, for somebody who had nothing to say (and maybe I actually didn’t say anything of value) I chatted a whole lot. So without further yapping from me, I wish you all a great weekend.


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