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Destiny 21/09/2006

What exactly is destiny? No it isn’t the photo I posted along with this post. That was just to give the blog a little colour along the way. Destiny is the inevitable event that is to occur. Do we have a choice in our destiny? I would like to think yes. Not to say that some things are out of our control and therefore will happen. I think about it this way…a man walking by on the road and sees a pear on the next door neighbour’s tree and decides to brave the wall the dog and the neighbour’s gun for the one pear. He can choose his destiny in this case… knock on the gate and ask the man if he can have it because he is really down and out and hungry or he can jump the wall getting cut by the spikes, get bitten by the dog and get shot by the neighbour. In a way the results of our lives are due to the choices we make along the way. The accidents we have are because we turned right instead of left at some point before. Kind of eerie if you think about it 😀 


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