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Government Under Fire 07/09/2006

Well As I posted over by Gela’s blog earlier this week politics is a complex issue that we all need to look at sometimes. The PNP has been the ruling party in Jamaica for at least the past 12 years, probably longer than that. Personally I prefer their policies to the capitalistic approach of the JLP. The PNP has however not lived up to the expectations of the people and have lost their popularity over the years. During this time however the JLP has been led until recently by Mr. Seaga who has been accused of being dictatorial in his approach to leadership both within and without his party. I think this has been the downfall of the JLP over these past years. In my opinion ( and I hasten to add MY OPINION) the results of the elections have been more about keeping Mr. Seaga out of power rather than a joy and bliss with the work of the PNP. Mr. Seaga has since demitted office as Leader of the Opposition and Mr. Bruce Golding has since taken over. I would have thought that it would be a dawn in Jamaica’s political system but alas all that has come out of the JLP are promises for a fatastic Jamaica and lots of naysaying without any thought to collaberation and improving the lives of Jamaicans. Don’t get me wrong, the shortcomings of the government are to be noted but I think Jamaica needs more than just “see you messed up big time” from the politicians of either side.

The Government currently faces many challenges. Schools started in September lacking many of the essentials to function. Some have not started at all. Jose’ Marti High started with about 600 students more than they had accomodations for. Classrooms that were not even half finished but they had the students to fill them. There have been cries about bad roads, flooded roadways, damaged schools, poor quality cement, lack of water, cost over runs on major projects and wastage of funds in unnecessary projects. Prime Minister Portia Simpson has her hands full.

What upsets me is the priority given to some tasks and lack thereof to others. How can so much funding be pumped into new stadiums for cricket and toll highways and then you turn around and advise that you have no money to pay salaries to teachers and nurses and doctors. Right now we as a nation are losing our qualified professionals to smaller islands that are willing to pay them decent salaries. We ignore their needs for sake of buildings and roads, and then wonder why they leave for greener pastures. Our priorities are screwed up. I keep asking why are we spending millions on World Cup Cricket preparations but we have daily strikes for persons to be paid so they can survive. I can’t understand it at all.

Maybe we do need a change of government after all. Maybe this one has gotten to complacent. Politics and how our elected officials think are both mysteries to me. Not saying we don’t need the infrastructure. Roads and schools I can understand,…cricket stadiums I question seriously. One church official was so right recently when he said that the government finds money for what they want to. Salaries and the people are not things that they want to.

Enough from me till later.


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