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Week Ending 29/09/2006

Well not much in the way of excitment is going on in my routine this week. The week would be considered rough by my standards. Had 2 presentations for school and I found out that I have a third one due on Tuesday and I am anything but finished. will need to put in some work over the next few days to pull things together. Careless and Wuthliss (Cable and Wireless) finally seems to have done something right for a change in my arena anyways. A technician came by following 5 months of complaints about poor DSL service. He was the 5th in a long line of “experts”. I had all but resorted to using my dial-up connection and stopping my DSL connection. He went through the list of all that had been done and decided that maybe a new and better modem might assist the problem. He connected the modem and the service is like night and day. I have had no dropped signals since and my pages seem to load a lot better.  I am happy (if only for a while).

I was sent an email about the Miss World competition. I am not one to take too much interest in the scene. I cheer for Jamaica because I am Jamaican but to scrutinize and critique…not my thing. Miss Jamaica this year is a really beautiful young lady (if her photos don’t tell lies).  

Well my Kalookie group will be at my house tonight since wifey won last week. Hosting is determined by winning the week before. I don’t mind since when the game is over I head straight to bed. Otherwise I would have to drive home before 🙂

What can I say besides hope you all have a good weekend. I will try to get in some reading and get up-to-date with all the blogs that I missed out on this past week.


Someone out there either has too much
spare time or is deadly at Scrabble.

When you rearrange the letters:
PRESBYTERIAN:  When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:

THE EYES:When you rearrange the letters:

GEORGE BUSH:When you rearrange the letters:

THE MORSE CODE:When you rearrange the letters:

SLOT MACHINES:When you rearrange the letters:

ANIMOSITY:When you rearrange the letters:

ELECTION RESULTS:When you rearrange the letters:

SNOOZE ALARMS:When you rearrange the letters:

A DECIMAL POINT:When you rearrange the letters:

IM A DOT IN PLACETHE EARTHQUAKES:When you rearrange the letters:

ELEVEN PLUS TWO:When you rearrange the letters:


MOTHER-IN-LAW: When you rearrange the letters:

Yep! Someone with waaaaaaaaaaay
too much time on their hands!

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Friday and nothing much Happening 22/09/2006

Well as the title says nothing much going on here. Seems that the talk of early elections is in the air. The JLP have actually started their campaign but the ruling PNP have said that there is no such thing going on. Then again I didn’t expect them to say anything else. They will have their conference (I think it is this weekend) and from that then we will know who the party elected for their senior posts. I wouldn’t be surprized if there is an early election but one never knows with these politicians. Constitutionally they have until near the end of 2007 so………..

The industrial relations climate here has been really bad since May with the signing of the new Memorandum of Understanding between Government employees and the government. Nurses, teachers, doctors, police and a few other groups have removed themselves from the process and so are not bound by the MOU. These groups have been having hell dealing with the government and it stems from a perceived “take it or leave it” attitude adapted by the government and since the bulk of the workers have already been dealt with “we can deal with you at will”. Every week a new round of strike threats, sick outs and general complaining in the media goes on and on and on.

This week the police force was struck with unusual bouts of illness. (I think they need to examine the police canteen 😀 ) They are not allowed to strike by law. My concern is that if they are not allowed to strike then how do you deal with the type of attitude that their employers display when their needs are to be met. I can understand the national security but then I also see the wifes and baby mothers  and children of the officers waiting at the will of the government who has adapted a don’t care attitude. The process is a two way street and as such if one side breaks the process of good faith then in my books that negates the others obligations to perform. If national security is impotant to the government then treat the entrusted officers as if it is important. Well I see the officers are feeling much better and are out in full force today. 🙂

I fail to see how the government after three years of wage restrain by public sector employees can now turn around and say that they can’t afford to pay salary increases. It shows a simple lack of foresight and planning on their part.

The Friday radio banter on Full House Friday was about indiscipline of road users. I won’t go into that one since it’s a blog post by itself. They were also chatting about a trip that some Jamaican comedians had to somewhere in London. It enforces the fact that our dialect is certainly colourful. I tried to envision a foreigner listening to the program and trying to understand what was being said. There is no way that they could follow the conversation at all. Language unites a people fuh real.

Anyway, for somebody who had nothing to say (and maybe I actually didn’t say anything of value) I chatted a whole lot. So without further yapping from me, I wish you all a great weekend.

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Destiny 21/09/2006

What exactly is destiny? No it isn’t the photo I posted along with this post. That was just to give the blog a little colour along the way. Destiny is the inevitable event that is to occur. Do we have a choice in our destiny? I would like to think yes. Not to say that some things are out of our control and therefore will happen. I think about it this way…a man walking by on the road and sees a pear on the next door neighbour’s tree and decides to brave the wall the dog and the neighbour’s gun for the one pear. He can choose his destiny in this case… knock on the gate and ask the man if he can have it because he is really down and out and hungry or he can jump the wall getting cut by the spikes, get bitten by the dog and get shot by the neighbour. In a way the results of our lives are due to the choices we make along the way. The accidents we have are because we turned right instead of left at some point before. Kind of eerie if you think about it 😀 

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School Post….1st on this blog 20/9/2006

Well my grades for last semester were posted. Preliminary as they are they have lifted the air of anticipation and fretting. I have gotten good marks and so I enter final year with a completely clean slate. No resits no fails no carrying courses. My Training grade was actually an A+ which means that my group and I exceeded expectations of the course. Considering that we did a slide presentation instead of the usual stand up and chat we are totally ecstatic about the final grade.

Well I gone celebrate…take care.

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Spirit of a People 12/09/2006

We often make efforts to publish the horrid things that happen around us and fail to realize that the Caribbean is still a very caring region despite the many shortfall which we may have. Last week i was reminded that we have responsibilities as a people for those around us whether they are family friend or nothing at all to us except being human beings.

There is a young lady who is employed to the same organization as myself. Quite often my co-workers and I go out to walk at the front of the building just to soak up some sun before returning to the air conditioned office. Now downtown Kingston is pepperred with homeless persons as well as mentally unstable persons. I figure because it is near to natural ammenities such as water and the tall buildings provide some shelter in the nights. Also because there are many offices there is also an ample supply of refuse.

Well, while we were standing in front of the building this other young lady who for the most part is a loner came past with a black scandal bag (a black plastic bag used to pack grocerys and anything else you care to carry). She when to the corner of the adjoining building where a homeless man seemes to be residing with a dog. I might add that the dog looked quite healthy for a street mutt. She stopped at the corner and opened the bag and shared some lunch scraps (I assume from the canteen) for the dog. The dog obviously knew her as he wagged his tail vigorously as she approached. She then turned to the old man and after a few words she handed him a lunch box. I mentioned it to one of the young ladies walking with me and she said she had seen the exchange some days earlier. Curiousity got the better of me and it would seem that this exchange is a routine ocurrence.

I have thought about it since then. It dawned on me that maybe we are not called to solve every problem our country faces but if we tackle each one, one at a time maybe we can make a dent. Miss B as I will call her, is not trying to feed all the poor and needy, just one with whom she has contact. Bearing in mind that we are all on limited budgets. We have not been granted any pay increases since 2003 but when you think about it this man may never have had a pay much less an increase.

I recalled in high school that a certain teacher would chastise us for not wanting to participate in visits to the national home for the destitute. He scuffed at us and tried to make us feel terrible about it. It nagged me for weeks after my visit that so many people in my homeland didn’t have somebody to call family or friend, the end result being that they ended up being the poorest of the poor. My grandfather in his day called the home the evidence of evil of society. I asked him why and he said that the reason those persons ended up there was because of the evil/sin of the society from which they came. He place no blame on the residents but rather on the society which allowed them to end up there. He chided that the residents all belonged to somebody and they for the most part had some legacy of family but that family chose the easy way out…discard them to the state. It took me a while to understand but the picture became clearer on a visit to another home some years later. Bags were thrown over the wall with food and clothing with the name of residents. I was told by the supervisor that these persons did indeed have family but rather than bear the burden of responsibility for elderly mothers and fathers they simply left them on the street or at the gate of the home and every now and again brought whatever food or clothes that stirred there conscience to leave…not even bothering to visit with a family member. Have we grown that callous.

Well Miss B has shown that there is some semblance of hope. She cares regularly for someone she doesn’t even know. She sees the need and addresses it in the way she can. My respect to her and for whatever motivates her to show the kindness that she does. One Love.      

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Government Under Fire 07/09/2006

Well As I posted over by Gela’s blog earlier this week politics is a complex issue that we all need to look at sometimes. The PNP has been the ruling party in Jamaica for at least the past 12 years, probably longer than that. Personally I prefer their policies to the capitalistic approach of the JLP. The PNP has however not lived up to the expectations of the people and have lost their popularity over the years. During this time however the JLP has been led until recently by Mr. Seaga who has been accused of being dictatorial in his approach to leadership both within and without his party. I think this has been the downfall of the JLP over these past years. In my opinion ( and I hasten to add MY OPINION) the results of the elections have been more about keeping Mr. Seaga out of power rather than a joy and bliss with the work of the PNP. Mr. Seaga has since demitted office as Leader of the Opposition and Mr. Bruce Golding has since taken over. I would have thought that it would be a dawn in Jamaica’s political system but alas all that has come out of the JLP are promises for a fatastic Jamaica and lots of naysaying without any thought to collaberation and improving the lives of Jamaicans. Don’t get me wrong, the shortcomings of the government are to be noted but I think Jamaica needs more than just “see you messed up big time” from the politicians of either side.

The Government currently faces many challenges. Schools started in September lacking many of the essentials to function. Some have not started at all. Jose’ Marti High started with about 600 students more than they had accomodations for. Classrooms that were not even half finished but they had the students to fill them. There have been cries about bad roads, flooded roadways, damaged schools, poor quality cement, lack of water, cost over runs on major projects and wastage of funds in unnecessary projects. Prime Minister Portia Simpson has her hands full.

What upsets me is the priority given to some tasks and lack thereof to others. How can so much funding be pumped into new stadiums for cricket and toll highways and then you turn around and advise that you have no money to pay salaries to teachers and nurses and doctors. Right now we as a nation are losing our qualified professionals to smaller islands that are willing to pay them decent salaries. We ignore their needs for sake of buildings and roads, and then wonder why they leave for greener pastures. Our priorities are screwed up. I keep asking why are we spending millions on World Cup Cricket preparations but we have daily strikes for persons to be paid so they can survive. I can’t understand it at all.

Maybe we do need a change of government after all. Maybe this one has gotten to complacent. Politics and how our elected officials think are both mysteries to me. Not saying we don’t need the infrastructure. Roads and schools I can understand,…cricket stadiums I question seriously. One church official was so right recently when he said that the government finds money for what they want to. Salaries and the people are not things that they want to.

Enough from me till later.

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Karting in Jamaica 06 September 2006

Well Jamaicans in Kingston were treated to a rare spectacle on Sunday with the staging of the iaugral Red Bull Smoking Streets event. Go-kart racers took to the streets of New Kingston in what was to be an exciting day of racing. Practice and qualifying runs were as exciting as the actual races themselves. Crashes abounded and and the crowd was hyped.

I took some photos but guess what…..not one was about karting. I took some photos of some classic cars that were on display. 😀 They were magnificently restored by our standard. Not show quality but certainly daily drivers.

The sad part of the day was when a young lady I know crashed her kart and had to get medical attention. She is OK but it drives home the point that there is a certain amount of risk and danger in any sport. We say these karts aren’t as fast as a NASCAR car but guess what, you can end up badly injured or dead just the same.  

I will post the photos later so keep tuned to this site. 🙂 


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