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Suffering in Silence

I can’t help but feel distressed every morning when I pass the American Embassy here in Kingston. Jamaican’s have a saying that “If yuh want good yuh nose haffi run” roughly translated that if you want something in life you must be prepared to work/undergo stress for it.
The Embassy is located on a major thoroughfare and each morning those persons who have “appointments” are made to stand outside on the sidewalk until they are allowed inside. I find this a most demeaning and inhumane way of dealing with people, especially in their own country, all for the sake of an opportunity to live, visit or work somewhere else where things may seem better. I just see it as torture. I have no problem with operating a system but you would think that somewhere as advanced as the US Embassy could come up with a better way of dealing with applicants.
I have not addressed the issue of the roaring business opportunities that have been created surrounding the rules that one must abide with when visiting the Embassy. There are cellphone holders and baggage handlers and……….

I know there isn’t any immediate solution that can be put in place but really now…….this has been going on for decades and it really not good for us as a modern society.

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