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Well I have very little to say this morning. I am just going to chat a bit about the topic. Some years ago the move was made by the public utility companies to reduce the number of payment facilities and outsource this function to secondary agencies namely Bills Express and Paymaster. This was to have benefits all around…more efficient service for the customers and less overheads and headaches for the company……everybody happy. Wrong!!!! well the greedy collection companies have decided that they are now going to be charging the customers a transaction fee, so with an already inflated utility bill you are now forced to fork out even more money just to pay for the utility.
I can see it now……lines returning to the utility offices because I think it is highway robbery to tag a cost to each transaction just to pay for something. It’s like walking into a supermarket and paying for stuff at the cashier and then have to pay the cashier for cashing your goods. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!
Well apparently is not me alone thinking this because the Office of Utiliies Regulation has taken issue with the matter following complaints from the public. I guess they will have to examine the situation and possibly force the utility companies to make the payment facility accesible to the public at convenient locations. At this point I can’t tell you where a C&W office is located in downtown Kingston. I know NWC and JPS have offices at Church Street but them limited and far between…………………………. 😦
We’ll see what comes out of it.
Are they actually istening to the “will of the people”?
Anyway guys have a great weekend. We here are being swamped with some rain but it has certainly cooled down the place a whole lot. Travel time has been severely affected though. I floated through some water yesterday morning but made it to office. This morning was just light showers. My plants are certainly expressing sincere joy so I guess we have to suffer small inconveniences for the good that will come about.

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