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Hit a Snag

OK guys I hit a snag with my compi upgrade. I got the processor but I am now awaiting the case so that I can put the old compi parts in while I upgrade the new parts. The general idea is that I will have an up to date machine for my work stuff and the old one will be given to my son who seems to have a knack for downloading viruses to my machines. So he can do his music thing and have internet but will be isolated from my machine. In other words…if him want to screw up his hard drive then is him own business.
My problem is that I have 2 motherboards…both for Intel 478 processors. The one I want to use refused to boot during testing. Somehow there is no power reaching the processor. The other runs fine but is a lot smaller and less upgradeable. Do any of you guys know somewhere where I can have the board checked? What I suspect is that the 12V outlet on the power supply not putting out enough juice to start it up but I can’t be sure. Failing that I will just satisfice with the smaller board.
So here goes….items procured:
1 processor(Intel…yuck….much prefer AMD but hey cheap has a way of motivating decisions),
2 memory sticks (512 DDR 333 each…so yeah…1gig of RAM),
2 Hard drives (only Maxtor for me),
1 Mother board (MSI unless I can get the AsRosk checked and working MSI is a better board anyway just kinda tiny),
1 power supply unit(….500W for P4 operations),
1 heatsink and fan (keeps the processor cool)
2 case fans (was contemplating 3 but overkill),
1 DVD/CD burner combo ( not planning on burning any DVDs so couldn’t bother to spend the extra money),
1 floppy drive (old stock I had fling down some where).

Left to get:
1 used ATX case
1 used 17″ monitor
internal cables and stuff to connect all the crap together

Well it appears as though I will be way ahead of my July target and I am taking pictures so You will all see what I am up to in a little while.
Until then take care.

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