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Nothing at All

Well things have been really quiet since I stopped classes. I’ve had my fill of black mangoes since the mango season started. They were actually falling off the trees and spoiling before they could be eatten. I actually gaveaway so many large bags that if I had half a mind to sell I would have been able to live comfortably for this last month. Oh well….definitely not a business minded man.
I mentioned that I was doing some work on my computer…(the desktop). The processor and heatsink came in at the post office today and are in excellent condition. I need one more part and then I can get on with the project at hand. I’m going to take some photos of the build up so you guys especially Dr. D. can see what is involved.
Well about a month ago wifey’s phone died. I was trying to get her a good one but she refused so she now is using mine while I use the one I got for her. She says it is too complicated so she prefers the Samsung. In all of this I bought a used phone in excellent condition. I found out later that it belonged to a fellow blogger. He does not know that we actually had a brief unofficial bloggers link up 🙂 I may have over done it a bit but the price was just about market rate and it is not often that one buys what one wants. In a way I am glad wifey did not want it because I am having a ball with it. It has a camera so I get to do my digital photos and the picture quality isn’t too bad.
My son, The Tall One had an interview to go to UTECH in September. He is awaiting the final results on that. He has applied to do the land surveying and economies course. Keeping my fingers crossed for his sake.
The Shorter One is still awaiting the outcome of subject choices for 4th form. She wants to do subjects that will eventually take her to interior decorating.
No doctors or lawyers from this family 😀 I try to encourage them to do what they like so we’ll see what happens.
Other than that..things are good……….

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