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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Free at Last!!!!!

Well school is theoretically on break for the summer. Exams are finished and I should be a free man but noooooooo………….. 😦 We have one final semester paper due tomorrow and it still not finished so no sleep for the wicked tonight.
well exams went well. I think I did enough to pass and have probably exceeded that statement but I prefer to remain conservative until I see the results.

I need some leave but with the whole academia thing over my head I don’t see how that will work.

The political scene has been fun over the last few weeks. The Opposition was “invited” to make meaningful contribution to the country’s budget. Is that an indication that the ruling party is seeking to have a collaberative leadership style…or have they just simply run out of ideas and need some help? Fun and joke aside….I personally think this is the way forward for our island and it should have been happening a long time ago.

On the other hand…former PM Patterson has apparently taken up appointment with a company that has some affiliation to our divested JPS…(pwer company). The Opposition leader has called it inappropriate and frankly I can see what he is getting at. I don’t think it is newsworthy enough to be front page but ….hey whatever floats their boat. Reality of it though is that as former PM he would have been involved in many transactions with many companies. if he were to refuse appointments with all of these then he would be certain to seal his own fate in bankruptcy.

I hear that a new MOU is under discussion. Let me put it this way….Mi nuh waant it!!!!!! I think the previous one carried so much negative to it that the government should consider a name chage especially if they hope to garner any good from a new arrangement. The Joint Confederation of Trade Unions is having a warm time because several representative groups feel that they are assuming bargaining powers and are seeking to sign off on wage talks without consultation with their membership. The nurses have withdrawn from the group and teachers are pursuing their own path and I suspect that several other groups will follow suit.
Interesting days ahead.

Well on a personal note…I have again been reassigned to a new area. It is a really new ground so I’m learning again. anyways I gone again.

We’ll chat some more until the schoolwork takes me over again.

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