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New Year Resolutions

I think one of the most perpetuated myth/lies of modern society is the belief that people actually keep new year resolutions. I can safely hazzard a guess that, for the most part, most of them are out the window by the end of February. If I was a gambling man I would put a figure of say 98% where my mouth is.
Don’t get me wrong now, I am not saying don’t, what I am saying is if you do, make the effort and make it reasonable and attainable. You hear everything from losing how many tens of pounds to finding a new soul mate to giving up smoking. Not saying they can’t be done, but are they being done for the right reasons and is your heart really in it.
I stopped making those things before I even started so I guess that’s why I can proudly say that I never break them. If I were to make them what would mine be……hmmmmmm???? I have no idea. Maybe to help more around the house. Put the clothes and shoes where they belong. I don’t smoke or drink (an ocassional beer). I know…focus more on school adnd stop the last minute assignments. Wish it were that easy. Yeah they are all attainable…do I really want to do them…nope…..will they be resolutions….nope….will I be any worse off for not making them….nope…don’t think so anyway. So I save myself and those that have to endure the misery of me trying the heartache and pain…..yay!!!! Daddy not making any resolutions this year.
I did some blog readings today and actually left a few comments on some new blogs. I have been really terrible in these last months. I haven’t done any return visits nor have I welcomed any of my visitors…….no excuses so that I will make as my 2006 resolution…be courteous to my guests and be polite to visitors…go check out their sites since they were nice enough to check out mine. One and only one.
Anyways have a Happy New Year and may 2006 be better to you than 2005.


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