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Well the final major event of the Jamaican Racing season was held over the weekend in the form of the Rally Jamaica 2005. The event had numerous sponsors including Petcom, KFC, and Digicel. These and other sponsors ensured the success of the event.
I was a spectator for the New Kingston stage of the event. Building on the experience of past years, I arrived at the venue from 2:00p.m. for a 4:00p.m. start. That way I got to choose my viewing spot and a “secure” parking space in view of my perch.
Spectators came alive at about 3:30 with the sounding off of the Digicel truck and the mc’s fastest fingers game giving away free credit to spectators by calling out credit codes and having persons enter them on their phones. This final stage of the rally started at 4:00 with a drive through by the Clerk of the Course and the Opening Marshall. The crowd visibly shifted for viewing vantage points as the cars did their drive through and parade. exhaust gases filled the ait and there was a short break as they returned to the start.
The crowd was treated to a mix of car and driver capabilities. from the lack lustre to the sublime. The event showed that there are drivers and there are DRIVERS and that there are cars and there are CARS.
The crwod was hell bent on seeing WRC driver Didier Auriole at the wheel but after a quick run through of the cars it was obvious that he had retired. 😦 Anyway the show continued. The smell of tires and exhaust, the near crashes, the spectators and camera men who almost got creamed by the white GTI Swift/Cultus, the scream of the engines and the sound of blow off valves from turbo charged machines, the slides and the show boating by some of the drivers all ensured an enjoyable afternoon for most.
Off special note was the presence of so many Subaru Impreza’s both WRx and WRC’s that dominated the line up…..GO Scooby!!!! Ok ok yeah there were a couple of Evo’s too….maybe one or two.
BTW, you Bajans should be proud. Your drivers did extremely well in the event. I guess we’ll hear the scores later. I know they have been published (even prelims) but I’m just too lazy to go find them and most of you not interested anyway, yuh just humouring me. 🙂 Panton needs another year in the Evo to get it just right. It was obvious from his lack of antics for the crowd. New cars always do that to you.
All in all a well spent even. The stage ended with a display of automibile handling craftmanship by none other than Mr. Auriole himself in a car borrowed from one of the other competitors. And yes it was a Scooby. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Watching these guys you realize that they are definitely in a different league.
The Tall One said as we were leaving “I waited all year for this event and it was well worth it.” I think I echo his sentiment. I was only able to catch one stage because exams are actually on Thursday for me and then Monday and Tuesday following so no driving all over Jamaica countryside to watch cars for me.
Anyways I was just giving you all a hail and gone so till later.


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