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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Hey All

Well the week has been pretty much routine so far. Can’t say I mind though. It certainly is a change from my hectic schedule of the past month.

I had the privilege of attending a luncheon hosted by my organization for its pensioners. The food wasn’t bad and it was nice to see some of the persons who had served the organization so well over the years and who have gone on to retirement. I knew quite a few of them, most in fact. Tells me I’m getting on in age here. In retrospect I have been here some 20 odd years since high school. Whoa!! lots of years that. Only when you see all these persons together do you realize how many persons have come and gone over the years, those who have migrated, moved to other jobs, retired or died. I can honestly say that I have seen almost a complete staff change since I have been here. Time…………

I was watching the NBC news this morning and they have been featuring this man who shot and killed a policeman in NY during these past few days. I was so surprized to hear that Al Sharpton plans to visit the precinct today because he feels that it is irresponsible for persons who protest police killings of “innocent” civilians not to protest the injustice when a policeman is unjustly killed. Might be just a token visit but at least it is a balanced token visit.
Honestly, I wish Amnesty International and Jamaicans for Justice would take a leaf out of his book. Usually you only hear them when one side acts up.

Anyways I was just keeping it light today. Gone to do some reading so later.

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Former World Rally Champion Richard Burns died at the end of last week, losing his battle with a brain tumor.

More here.

Burns was one of my favourite drivers and I have always loved how he handled the Subarus. He won his 2001 championship title behind the wheel of a Scooby but switched to Peugeot in his later driving years. He was 34. The avatar that I use on MSN is a model of his early Impreza WRC and one of the few that I have ever gone out of my way to search for and purchase.

The sport has truly lost another great driver.

Rest in Peace Mr. Burns. The sport will never be the same without you.

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I deh bout…

Well I survived the onslaught of coursework. I figure that if you survive this semester then yuh can survive anything. The projects and presentations went pretty well. Some were better than others. and I found out that I did good on the test from last Thursday so one set down. Exams to go. Schedule isn’t too bad. All being well I will be free of the campus by 13 December for about three weeks or so.

We had a bit of disappointment in one presentation. A friend found out that based on the new regulations she has been placed on the “make good” list. This means she will only be allowed to clear up any outstanding courses before doing any 4th year courses. It put a damper on the presentation since anything she did between September and now has no value to her, including the presentation. She still went ahead and we did a reasonably good job. I’m gonna miss having her in class 😦

It feels kinda weird not having any schoolwork deadlines with everything crammed into the week gone. I’m gonna go chill tonight. Wifey wants to go idle so…….

The Shorter One got a prize at her prize-giving yesterday. She was awarded for the work done in grade 8. She is so proud of herself and even insisted that I take her picture with the certificate. Later on in the year she will select subjects for her career hopes. She is giving out talks about medicine but keeps proclaiming about art. I kinda have to be hinting that she is to do what she likes and not what other people want her to do. She had told us that she wants to do designing and interior decorating. I suspect her friends are talking at school and she is being swayed. She does really well at art and catches concepts that I can only dream about. She hates the sciences, so unless she wants to do a new version of medicine that I don’t know about………

Anywayz, I goin stop chat and go read a weeks worth of blogs so later.

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Pass the Coffee…..Ok give me caffeine, Any Kind

Hi guys, after this past week and a half I’m going into detox. Coffee and any caffeine drink have become my best friends. The amount of that stuff that I’ve put away in the last few days is unbelievable. I checked and I’m in shock so…I guess that makes me a junkie.

Well this last week goes like this….Wednesday gone – major project due, Thursday gone – in course test, Friday assignment, Saturday – groups meetings from 11:00 to 11:00 followed by about 2 hours of work, Sunday 3:00a.m. to 7:00a.m. group assignment 9:00a.m. to 12:00 rest 1:30 to 9:30 group meetings and assignment. 9:30 to 2:00a.m. typing. Monday night group meeting Tuesday night presentation and major project, Today group presentation and major project, tomorrow Thursday major project.By the way I work so during the Monday to Fridays I am at work from 8:30 to 4:30. I am just counting down to tomorrow when the last piece is handed in.
Exams start the 2nd week in December. That I can deal with. At least it is just the reading and not the assignments.

Anywayz I gone again. I will have to catch up on the blogs another time.

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Friday already…where did……………

Okay ….give it back…..somebody stole the rest of the week and didn’t share it with us. Selfish…:(

Well All I can tell you (from the little I remember of this week) is that nothing much happening here with me EXCEPT TOOOO MUCH SCHOOLWORK!!!!!!
I sat down this morning and just wondered what will life be like when I don’t have this school thing hanging over my head in just about 5 semesters time. (I stopped using years because it just sound too far away. 5 semester is really just about 1 and 1/2 years.

This week was hell. One test and a major project. Project was extremely challenging since it was a discussion question and the material was based on opinion rather than text book research and publish kinda thing. The test was a test was a test. I got back some grades and I am pretty pleased with them so it is inspiration to keep going. I haven’t failed anything to date so here’s hoping that trend continues.

My random thpought for the day was about hookers, whores, sex workers. I really wonder how they feel going about selling themselves to anybody who passes. There is no name no face no feeling just a sea of dollar signs and meat. 😦 It must be, to my mind a very degrading thing. I am told that some actually enjoy the lifestyle but I’m not so sure………..

Have a great weekend all.

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True Jamaican Virgin

A Jamaican ginnal named Countafeit is out playing football and gets hit
>a high speed penalty shot right in the crotch. Writhing in agony, he falls

>to the ground. As soon as he could manage, he took himself to >Doctor
>Morrison and ask, “How bad is it doc? Mi goin’ on mi honeymoon nex week
>mi fiance’ is still a virgin in every way.” Doctor Morrison tol him, “I’ll
>have to put your thing in a splint to let it get better and keep it
> It should be alright by next week.” So h! e took four wooden tongue
>depressors, made a neat four-sided splint and wired it all together.
>Another impressive work of art by Dr. Morrison.
>Countafeit mentions none of this to his fiance Puncie, marries and goes on

>his honeymoon having professed to Puncie that he is also a virgin. (bwoy
>lie yu see!!!).
>That night, in the motel room she rips open her blouse to reveal a
>set of knockers. This was the first time he saw them. She said, “You are
>first, no man has ever touched these breasts.” She then removes her
>to reveal her treasure, and again declares, “You are the first, no man has

>ever been there”
>He whips off his pants and says, “Yuh t’ink dat a nutten? look ya, my own
>still inna di CRATE!”

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Hail all, well it’s Tuesday again. This just sounds so repetitive. I’m sure it was Tuesday just about 7 days ago. Maybe we need to have a 14 day week and rename some of the other days so they don’t come around quite so often……

It’s OK the school work is just playing havoc on the ole brain. 😀 I’m not going crazy…I passed that stage long time. Anyway, I’m already at work working on one of my school projects so I’m not gonna stay with you today, just to say hail and I’m out.

Before I go, I’m just taking this opportunity to introduce Slybabyk. She has passed through on a few ocassions and dropped comments but it seems that she now has a Blogger account. Yes, she is Jamaican. I seem to have lost my toolbar on this machine but it is visible at home so I guess machine error. She is linked on my sidebar so you can drop her some comments and let a lady feel welcome.

BTW, Esso still up to their tricks so another JGRA deadline set for today at ten or more bangarang might gwaan.

Later guys.

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Last Night

No this not gonna be x-rated. Last night was Kalookie night. We got off to a really late start but hey all in the name of Friday night idling I suppose. Guess who won? ……..No! not my wife or sisters or friends……yup….that’s right…..MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! How yuh mean that it can’t be true?….what happen mi nuh name person too? …… Is alright…..either say congrats or gweeyyyyyy!! By winning it means that the next round will be played here at my house. Means that I don’t have to travel to the locale and when the game is over, I just throw out the guests and go to my bed. 🙂

No don’t leave, not because I tell yuh to gwey…..yuh can stay. 😀

Well I’m kinda tired. The Automobile Dealers Association had there car show this weekend. I went this morning to take a look at what I can’t afford and have no hopes of acquiring in the near future but I love cars so I went. I think that that was a good enough reason to pay the entry fee and go fill my eyes.

I wanted specifically to see the new Subaru Impreza WRX because I had seen photos of it and was totally disappointed. I’m glad I did…the car is a beauty. Sorry, wrong word….Scoobys are never beauties. The car look buyable iyah. Wish I had the cash. Except for a few bright spots here and there I was disappointed with the show. Usually there is a lot more fluff and flair to it. I think the show reflected the economy…nuff high price items and lots of consumers looking and can’t buy. I got some tips on how to handle the interior of my current car so I have some stuff to go try out.

The show presented quite a few of the higher end of the market and noticeably absent were the low to mid income cars like the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Almera. SUV’s and big models were the norm. For such big companies I was a little disappointed with the showings from the Nissan and Toyota dealers. I would have preferred a wider cross section….I note that space was a definite issue.

Oh yes…there was an Evo IX on display :p My son was more impressed with the cars in parking lot than was was inside except for the WRX and the Evo of course.

Other than that the Saturday was basically a spend with family kinda day. I don’t have classes on a Saturday right now so it has been an opportunity for me to make myself visible on weekends. Can’t say I miss the classes at all.

Anyways I was just here telling you about my Kalookie win so now that I’ve patted myself on the back I gone 🙂

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Well I am once again a registered student of the Utech. I have been trying to obtain 1) my progression status and 2) my enrollment package for the past 6 weeks in total. About 3 weeks ago I finally got my report and requested my enrollment package so that I complete registration. I know it sounds strange to some people but it appears that the school deals with new students before trying to sort out the veterans. Because I also attend classes in the summer semester, progression cannot be given until the summer grades are posted so it results in us always being late in getting our stuff.

So three weeks go by and no package. I checked three Thursdays in a row…nothing zippo zilch nadda none… package for Scratchie
😦 Last Thursday I realized that anybody who had outstanding fees was dropped from the computer system…package received or not. Of course, Scratchie blew his top at the poor defenseless girl in the office cuz she had attitude and I was not too thrilled about their style of doing things and already going beyond my responsibility by following up on something that I should receive as a course of routine. Hell, is my fourth year so yuh supposed to know the routine by now….student pass all courses….print package….student collect same and follow through on registration process. Not so easy as you might think. Student has to follow up on pass results…student makes sure results entered…student requests progression status…student requests enrollment package…student registers….student ensures registration complete…student ensures that system is updated to ensure enrollment. Maybe I should continue….student NOT getting paid to do work for Utech staff…
Anyway, I decided to go there yesterday and actually got everything done without quarrelling or cursing or threatening or any of the good stuff. It went well and as the caption says…..I am now registered. I even paid the tuition 🙂 Wasn’t I a good Scratchie…round of applause please.
Next dealings with school admin will be……Exam cards in December….listen out for more issues at that time…:)
Later all.

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Wednesday…Never Rains but…….

Well today was a really hectic day on the roads. Main event for today was the gas retailers strike called by the Jamaica Ggasolene Retailers Association as a heightened measure to pressure Esso into revising its pricing mechanism. As of tomorrow morning, not only will Esso service stations be closed, but ALL gas stations islandwide who are in support of the JGRA’s call will be closed as well possibly for 2 days unless some arrangement can be brokered by tomorrow morning. Let me say that I totally disagree with this measure. Whereas I have no problem with the Esso dealers fighting for a better position and payoff, I think the move by the JGRA is irrational, unethical, uncalled for, irresponsible and illegal. I use strong sentiment against the background that the JGRA’s issue is the dispute between Esso retailers and the Esso marketing company. If you have a problem with Esso then deal with Esso. Close the Esso stations and have Esso feel the pinch. If the stations not open then they lose money. How the rahtid can you implement a measure that will almost certainly disable an already battered economy.

There were so many car scrambling for gas today that travelling in certain parts of town was next to impossible. Why are you holding the public at large for a dispute with Esso.

The Fair Trading Commission has indicated that the JGRA’s action is illegal and can be pursued in the legal system and, quite frankly, I hope that they are taken to court and fined the maximum fine of $5,000,000.00. It may sound harsh, but I do believe that it is time in this country that those who are given the power, authority and responsibility for the welfare of varying facets of our nation use their power responsibly and exercise prudence in the decisions that they make especially in a situation such as this where there are alternative measures that could be adapted which would have been just as fruitful.

I would love to see the JGRA disbanded and declared an illegal entity but on the other hand I do believe in the trade union movement. I am however a realist. The days of the willy nilly “lock it down” are far gone although nobody told the JGRA this. We need to examine how we do things and how we resolve the problems that we encounter whether it is in dealing with the government, multi-nationals, marketing companies, employers or any other force of social political or economic existence.

By now you can see that I am pissed and blowing my top………

Guess we all need to vent sometimes.

Later all.

UPDATE: Strike called off but some stations totally out of fuel so shortage for a while.

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