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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Holding a bit

Sorry guys, I know I have been absent but we go through this every semester. It’s that time again….mid semester tests are right under my a_ _ ……let’s call it my soul case. In addition each subject has a major project so time is of major premium right now. I promise to keep up the reading but the writing gonna have to take a short snooze. If I find a “must share” topic then yuh know how it go but not gonna log in just to tell you that the sky is blue.
And traffic is making things really miserable here at home. It took me an hour to move 2 block lengths from off Aldinton on to Hagley Park Road last night just so I could turn on to Woodglen. I am really sorry for the people ging all the way down Hagley Park Rd. because they were not going anywhere in a hurry. If it weren’t for the policeman who directed me on to the right hand side of the road and allowed me to make my turn it would have been at least another hour in just that little section of the route. The shortcuts to China (potholes) aren’t making it any better either. Some of those craters can swallow cars and SUV’s whole.
Anyway I start chat and soon can’t stop, so till later…….

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