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Heroes and More…………….

Well, yesterday was National Hereos’ Day here in good ole Jamdown. We have all of seven hereos to our credit. For those of you non-yardies they are: 1) Nanny of the Maroons 2) Marcus Garvey 3) Paul Bogle 4) Norman Washington Manley 5) Sir Alexander Bustamante 6) George William Gordon 7) Sam Sharpe. Have I gotten all of them. Think so. Each year the country pays homage not only to these spoken heroes but also to the many men and women who are, in their own right, heroes. These men and women who have served long and hard in their fields of expertise are honoured in a special ceremony held at the Governor General’s residence on National Heroes’ Day. This blog says thank you to you all for your dedication to this nation.

On another note, well my mother returned to the island on Sunday. She is well and glad to be back to her own bed and tv and family and husband and high prices and……oh well you get the picture. Nowhere better than yard.

Rain rain rain rain rain……….non-stop since Friday. Seems like we are in for more since Wilma doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. As long as she isn’t a duplicate of “Wrong way Lenny” which moved eastwards instead of doing the usual west and up thing. I tried to walk in the grass on Sunday and sank in mud up to my knees. So I’ll have a hell of a time explaining the two huge footprints in the lawn. Anyways I have a new recruit today so I gots to go early…..

Later guys…..

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