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Don dead

Well things have certainly been heating up in here since morning. On the news this morning there was a report that a car occupied by a political figure Babsy Grange was shot up and one of its occupants died from wounds. She was not hurt.
In another news item Chubby Dread, an area “leader” or don as they are more commonly known was shot and killed near to one of the island’s night spots early this morning. This has kinda sent downtown into a reaction mode. Any time one of these dons gets killed the whole area feels the after effects. Places mysteriously burn down and other area activists end up stuffed into barrels etc. So everybody gone into extra careful mode today especially down by my office which is at the outskirts of the community in which he operated.
The third news item is of a fire in the shopping arcade downtown. I guess the 1st reaction for the don’s death. Who knows. At this point one may also add…who cares. It is so unfortunate that these situations have become so common place in modern Jamaica. My view long as them leaving innocent people alone…them can gwaan kill off themselves.
As for me,…well all I can say is that I am exhausted. School taking its toll on me. Circumstances may also change at work but I will let you all know how that goes as soon as all is confirmed. It may mean that my computer related activities may be restricted and reshuffled and my blogging may be reduced to those days that I am at home early but we’ll see.
Anywayz I want to wish you all a great weekend. Take care till later.

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