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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Today is….?

Well today is Wednesday. It also marks the last day of my vacation. So tomorrow morning bright and early I will rejoin the ranks of the working class. Can I tell you, I am not really thrilled about it at all.

My new supervisor is a “yes” person and is constantly kissing the director’s ass. This puts lots of undue pressure on our unit as we are always assuming duties which should be assigned to more appropriate sections. What to do. All I do now is get a things to do pad and line them up and complete them as best I can. If they say that one is more critical than the other then I just simply shift that one around.
Well it looks like I cleared all my 3rd year courses. The one I was worried about has been passed so I am good to go.
Those of you who venture here will notice that I totally ignored the recent happenings in New Orleans as well as the demonstration last week here at home. This was not oversight. I have very strong views on demonstrations here at home. You see, in Jamaica, the hoi polloi have only been taught two things when the word demonstration is mentioned. Those are 1) get a poorly written placard and 2) block the road with burning debris. They don’t know any other way. There is no such thing in their minds as a peaceful protest. As a result the outcome of that “peaceful” demonstration was mayhem disorder and violence. Don’t get me wrong I don’t disagree that there are issues nor am I pro-government but to set loose a set of uncontrollable mob on society is not the way to go. If that is what the JLP has in store for us as a nation then we are indeed doomed as a people. I think it is time that our political leaders desist from using the poor and outcast as pawns in their game and sit and devise policies and practices that will work to the benefit of Jamaica. I can honestly say that right now we have no leadership. What saddens me is that we also have no alternative since I see both parties doing not a damned thing to make our country any better. We are struggling for infrastructure and for the sake of political gain you set the citizens to burn tyres and destroy property productivity and the very infrastructure that we are trying so hard to maintain and may I add are already fighting a losing battle with. Is it me alone that thinks we just kinda gone mad somewhere in the middle there.
Personally I think the JLP should be held accountable for any expense that arose from the demonstration and I think the leadership should be charged with insighting riots and made to face the courts for their wanton disregard for the nations well being.
Anyways, enough from me. Take care all.

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  1. yep, if they know these protests are not peaceful then why have them. dont make sense

    Comment by Jdid | September 14, 2005 | Reply

  2. Hi Scratchie-I thought the same as you that Bruce Golding would do a better job, but he doan know his people. Ha-“peaceful demonstration”. Its really a sad sad situation for JA.

    Comment by Sunshine | September 14, 2005 | Reply

  3. Pram pram. You like me have de same ideas…Bruce has dropped many points in my estimation since he took up the leadership of the JLP and inciting crap like what he did last Tuesday…essentailly gave the nation a holiday. What gets me even more is that he clainms that they will continue. I doubt dem going get mi vote! Indeed Scratch…were effed politically big time!

    Welcome back to the work world. Man cyaan loaf a yard fah so long! 😉

    Comment by Dr. D. | September 14, 2005 | Reply

  4. That holiday fly real fast.But why you going back on a Thursday tho?Political parties does do what they think they supporters want.Nuff craziness does go on round here too.

    Comment by Abeni | September 14, 2005 | Reply

  5. Odds are that if those who called for these protest actions knew they were going to be held accountable for their outcome, we’d see fewere of them.

    Comment by dorna! | September 15, 2005 | Reply

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