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Well Here I am…..

Hi all, This is a long overdue post. I finally got hooked up to the DSL system so things are much faster and at a break even over my dial-up connection which I had discontinued a while back in anticipation of my new service. The service took over a month to get installed not for the sake of not trying but there was an issue with my phone line. Anyways , that was sorted out on Sunday.
Then this machine started to act up. I was able to get online earlier in the week and then just a series of errors and report requests. I think the kids have put too much of anything and everything on it. It has loads of space and boy are they using it. Things are now at a point where I think I may need to scrub it and create profiles for them and limit the space they have to do their stuff. The repair methods only seem to go so far and no more.
Well vacation is mostly been work. Home work but work none the less. The Tall One did 8 exams in June and passed them all. He has been enrolled at EXED Community College to further his studies. He is technically oriented and unfortunately most of the grade 12 programmes don’t cater to his field of study so comm. college it is. For those who don’t know community college is like a gap closer between high school and university. He wants to do construction technology which involved building, technical drawing engineering and other like areas of study. I am a little concerned about the location of the campus but sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone I guess.
So I spent the last week getting all the stuff he needed together and getting uniforms and registering and…….. In other words…no rest yet and only one week of vacation to go. Oh well.
I revamped the blog but I’m not sure I like the new colour scheme. I guess maybe I’m used to the black. We’ll see. What do you guys think? Back to the black or stay with current or keep looking?
Well school restarted last week and it looks like it will be a good semester. I have actually started my specialization courses so all my courses this semester are related to my major and minor (Human Resource Management and International Business respectively). We’ll see how that goes.
Anyway I gone do some blog reading. Later all.

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