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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….


What can I say this morning really? First thing is THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. I is be busted…tired beat out…not functional……exhausted child(as my Bahamian friends would say). OK….I think you got the picture. This week has been hot and busy.
My group completed our group assignment this week and it looks impressive if I do say so myself. Real question is whether the tutor will be impressed by the work we put into it. It’s the written part of the presentation we made last week so I don’t see us doing badly. We had gotten pretty good grades for the presentation.
Tomorrow I have a course test in Management Accounting. That should be fun since I am definitely not relying on the tutor for guidance. As a matter of fact I have all but written him off as a part time comedian, cuz him joking himself. I find him to be unhelpful and unaccomodating to the students. He has a speech impairment and it makes it difficult to understand him. Not to mention that he is not open to discussion and add all these together makes for one really confusing class. It is a blessing that the lecturer of the course is quite the opposite so we better learn in the lectures and hope that we catch it all there cuz the tutorials aren’t much use at all.
Anyways I was just saying a quick hail up. I gone try get in some book time before work.

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