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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Today is….oh yeah..Tuesday.

Bit of old age getting the better of me there. Well I am officially bored. School drawing to a close and exams due in 2nd week of August. Other than that nothing going on. Can you imagine, not even the weather giving us something to write about.
Sunshine is back with us and seems to have enjoyed her vacation. Blogging tradition dictates that she buys a cyber round. Welcome back Sunshine.
Did lots of garden and auto cleaning work over the weekend. Still feeling the effects of it. Dogs wouldn’t give me a break last night. Figure that a 2 footed mongrel may have been nearby but they stayed far.
I have some vital info for some…Ladies, mesh tops do not prevent your nipples from being exposed. They cannot pass as shirts without some sort of undertop. Seems nobody told some of the women this fine detail. Seems that I’ve encountered at least 3 such cases since Saturday. Where are our parents. Why aren’t they teaching their girls how to dress.
Well I survived a week without family. 1 down 4 to go……will I make it…yes I will. Finally signed up for ADSL service. C&W has a new reduced rate thing so I’m gonna give it a try. cost a tuupse more but might be worth it especially for school.
Anyway I’m rambling. Take care all.

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