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On the first day of college (no not UWI), the Dean addressed thestudents, pointing out some of the rules:”The female dormitory will be out-of-bounds for all male students,and the male dormitory to the female students. Anybody caught breakingthis rule will be fined $20 the first time.
“He continued, “Anybody caught breaking this rule the second time will be fined $60.
Being caught a third time will cost you a fine of $180.
Are there any questions?”At this point, a male Jamaican student in the crowd inquired:
“How much fi ah season pass?

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  1. Heh heh!

    Sound like a logical question still!

    Comment by Dr. D. | July 22, 2005 | Reply

  2. for real…

    Comment by Shotta M | July 22, 2005 | Reply

  3. TUUH RAHTID!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by °Fyr° | July 23, 2005 | Reply

  4. hahahaha real funny.

    Comment by smallislandgirl | July 23, 2005 | Reply

  5. LOL, I’d definately buy a season pass in this case!

    Comment by Angry Dog | July 23, 2005 | Reply

  6. What’s that, like the cost of a date? :7

    Comment by dorna! | July 24, 2005 | Reply

  7. no dorna… basically he is saying that he is gonna be going to the female dorms a lot so he wants to know the penalty for going there for the entire semester.

    Comment by Scratchie | July 24, 2005 | Reply

  8. Lol,smart fella

    Comment by Abeni | July 25, 2005 | Reply

  9. Hi Scratchie-LOL.

    Comment by Sunshine | July 25, 2005 | Reply

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