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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

What a gwaan?

Well today is Thursday and nothing much going on really.

Family are away and I’m surviving. They called last night and they are enjoying themselves. Decided to go the easy route last night…bought Chinese food at China Gardens in New Kingston. Food fill the gap yuh hear. It wasn’t bad at all and the amount of food would turn you into an immediate glutton. I finished half of the food and was FULL. I couldn’t eat a stitch more.
As for me well you know the usual…school work is the most critical item on my agenda for a while. Had a major presentation last night that accounts for 60% of out course work grade. It went extremely well. We made a presentation on the Implications of China as an Emerging Economic Super power to the US, EU, CARICOM and Asia. We were told that our grades should be in the 90’s so that is a definite good news. We passed the essay for the Caribbean Econ course with a C+. I hear it is one of the highest grades. The maximum grade gotten by any group from that lecturer is a B- so we aren’t gonna complain. A waste of time course if there ever was one.
Got The Shorter One’s report card yesterday and she passed all her subjects. She starts grade 9 in September and is doing really well. She has a fear of exams that usually see her failing miserably yet she passes the course work. This year she passes them all…exams and all. Congrats to you “Little S”.
Little S is our ongoing name calling. I’ve called her that for years and she calls me Big S. Little S was me teasing her by calling her “little stinker” and when she caught on I changed it to “little s” which could be mistaken for “littlest”. She couldn’t say that I called her stinker but she caught on and started calling me Big S and when I tackle her about it she says “no it’s biggest”. This name calling has been our amusement for years.
Anywayz I gone. Have a great day you all.

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