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Monday..a Brand New Day

Hi all, Well what can I say Emily came, she looked in, didn’t see anything of interest and went on her merry way. I ain’t complaining at all. Luckily for us it was a tight storm. Most parts of the island had a few drops of rain and nuff cloud cover. Where I live we had one or two gusts of breeze similar to what we use to fly kites in when I was a whole lot younger. South coast parishes had it a bit harder but nothing compared to what could have been. As a matter of fact our airport, which is on a spit and has suffered dearly for its location, was reopened yesterday morning by about 8:00….roads cleared and all.
Well, with the reopening of the airport I am now familyless. Wifey and The Shorter One left yesterday afternoon. Big up to US Airways who did everything to accomodate them as they were due to leave on Saturday in the heights of Emily. They were bumped up to 1st class and though there were delays (weather related) I won’t complain because it’s all good (stole Camp’s phrase..hope she doesn’t mind…even if she does, I done steal it already so there…). They arrived safe and sound and the flight was good I am told.
I will tell you this..I would not want to be an Air Jamaica passenger yesterday. I arrived at the airport to do my drop offs and bucked up the line to get into the airport in between the two round-abouts. The line was about a mile long….. In crawling with the line I realized eventually that the entire line with the exception of a few was for Air Jamaica. There were several hundred people outside Air J’s office waiting to go in. Now folks, the airport is under contruction and is outside in sun hot these people standing…..I left most of them there with Air J making announcements of delays and cancellations and flight leaving in the afternoon etc.
So officially I am alone for the next 5 weeks. Probably good anyway cuz school work killing me just about now. Final exams for the semester start early August so yuh know how the blog thing goes when school calls………
Back to the assignment I was working later all.

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