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EC on Warning

Well it looks like Emily intend to plaster the Eastern Caribbean with one hell of a sloppy blowjob. We in for a wicked hurricane season this year guys so we better hang on to our hats. 5 named storm systems and 2 that have done some serious damage already with Emily on the way is not a nice prospect. This season goes from June to November, so 5 by July may mean a not so nice summer for us but moreso Florida who seems to catch them at their peak.
My prayers go out to all my blog friends who are now bracing for a touch of Emily, especially Kami in SVG, Dorna! and our recent addition Small Island Girl in Trinidad. Guys weather the storm well, stay safe and be as prepared as you can be.
Space shuttle is scheduled for launch today. Is not my family or friends on board but I still hold my breath every time that thing takes off. I remember when the shuttle exploded on take off. Back then I was so intrigued by space travel. I was at home sick the day and was glued to the television watching the launch…then booom….:( Then to relive something like that with the most recent loss of the space craft and more importantly more lives. I keep wondering how those families deal with that kind of loss. I wonder if it’s really worth the time and effort we are putting into space exploration…to boldly go where no man has gone before….these are the voyages of the…..sorry wrong sci-fi.
Anyway enuff rambling for me..Dr. D should be back but I haven’t been by his site yet so…… Stay safe guys.

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