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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

hey…..Where are you all

Was just looking around the blogs and realized that a lot of you are in my boat. Nothing really going on and lots of blogs suffering from summer vacation syndrome. Not to worry just part of life I guess.
Well I’m gearing up to ship out my family for about 5 weeks. The Tall One left for New York on Saturday and Wifey and the Shorter One leave on Saturday but their visit will span New York and Baltimore. So I get dumped into bachelor life for a while. Guess I’ll live on junk food and water for the time cuz I can’t bother slaving over no blasted stove.
Dennis came and left but it looks like he invited Emily over so we are keeping a close eye on her. I haven’t had any problems just a few leaks so I’m good. All the utilities are intact.
School is good. Haven’t failed any courses yet although my reading is close to zero. Have to deal with that soon. I am still maintaining a pretty decent average so I just need to stay focused.
Anyway I’m gone. We’ll chat some more later.

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