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Mixed Feelings

Well today brings mixed feelings especially to wifey and her family. Today she loses the closeness of one of her family members, her oldest sister, who leaves Jamaica for the last time for many years to come. “M”‘s was granted immigrant status for the US a few weeks ago. She leaves today for her new home in Maryland for a while and then possibly to New York. I say mixed emotions because wifey’s family is relatively small and I know she and her sisters are close. “D” migrated many years ago and since then she has lost her mother, and earlier this year her only surviving uncle on her mothers side of the family. Her father’s side of the family has been eons apart from before I met her some 22 years ago. “M” has had to struggle terribly as a single parent and as one who is not academically inclined. She has had to settle for lesser jobs because of this. So although it is sad to see her go the move actually opens many opportunities for her in terms of schooling and employment. I know wifey is a little down now but she knows it is for the best.
So I will go no further but to wish “M” a safe travel and all the best in your new life. May you find what you are looking for. Remember that Jamaica is just around the corner in today’s modern world of air travel and telephones and internet access.

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