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I have been watching the media coverage of the missing teenager in Aruba. Life is so interesting…I will not defile the young ladies character by getting into why she was and where she was at the time of her disappearance. Rather what I would like to focus on is how the story is painted in the US media. This young lady has gone through so many different characters is not funny. She has gone from young country girl to regular teenager to saint.
What struck the cord that drove this post is how the law enforcement experts and the investigators and the critics have painted the process employed by the Aruban authorities in their investigations. First and foremost……we are talking about a Dutch island in the Caribbean. Secondly Aruba is not the US as a matter of fact they are not a US territory so their methods of doing things will be different so leave the people and stop imposing your value system on them. Thirdly, when did the United States become experts in law enforcement procedures? If you guys are so good go clean up some of the crime in your own back yard and stop fassing in other people business. I can imagine the frustration of a nation trying to accomplish a task when everybody who don’t belong there in the first place looking over your shoulder and criticizing every thing you do.
I have news for you…..there are experts in every known field known to man and guess what?….they don’t all reside in the US nor do they all aspire to be aligned to the US and their policies.
Frankly I’m just tired of the media sensationalism that is following this case and frankly last nights news item was just sickening.


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