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My Rant for the Week

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This cartoon was in yesterday’s Daily Observer. It basically describes what is going on in Jamaica currently. I am not for a minute saying that the mayor should not resign. He has committed inexcusible acts if the allegations made by his wife are true. However where as his public life has suffered because of his private life the same does not hold true for our Government officials. The cartoon is pointing to the fact that despite the various charges against them the government is still sitting pretty yet the Mayor of Spanish Town is forced to resign because of what is essentially his personal business.

I am not advocating for a change of government since I do not necessarily see that as a solution to our current problems. I think instead we need to embark on a path of accountability. Each goverment in succession merely adpots the style of their predecessors. It’s an “I am doing this and you can’t do a damn thing about it” attitude. It would appear that once the votes are cast and they are appointed they automatically assume the duties of lord and master over every facet of our daily lives. Te solution to the issues in Jamaica does not rest in a PNP or JLP or any “P” government for that matter but rather in a reduction in the arrogance that greets the people on a daily basis and a level of accountability for the actions they undertake.

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