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Friday again……

Well it’s Friday and I am certainly looking forward to the weekend. This week has been really hectic like so many before it but life goes on and we roll with its punches. My car has been acting up for the week but that is a story to be told. Well you may have heard that we have been having lots of rain. Well on Sunday last on coming back from the supermarket I turned onto the access road towards my home and didn’t realize that so much rain had fallen. The amount of water that came rushing down behind me literally pushed the car down the road. the engine underguard acted like a scoop and channeled the water into the engine compartment apparently. Well when I started the car on Monday morning, it sounded like the devil grinding his teeth. The noise has gotten progressively worse indicating that I have damaged at least one of the pulley bearings. On Wednesday the mechanic checked it out and it turns out to be the a/c compressor bearing….filled with water and street muck. Well last night I could take it no longer and I disabled the compressor by removing the drive belt so inna di cyar hot no baxide. I made an appointment with the a/c repair man for tomorrow at 9:00a.m. to have it fixed at an estimated cost of $2500.00 (or just about US$45.00). Not too bad considering.
last night there was a little excitement at home. Thieves stole a ladies handbag while she was passing my gate and made their escape by jumping through my yard. It all happened so fast that the dogs barely had a chance to rush at them before they were over the back fence and onto the next road. It’s a pity the rott couldn’t have backed them into a corner and chewed their ass off but hey it would have been too much cleaning up for me. The Shorter One, who is a worrier by nature was a mess. She wouldn’t even bathe with the door closed and then didn’t want to go to sleep by herself. The police who were also passing gave chase but the guys escaped through the yard behind mine and into the ones across the other road. Time for some razor fencing around there.
It’s Friday and it’s kinda hot. We have been having powercuts and it appears as if the office is being run on generator so the a/c is off. I wonder if God is trying to show me the things to come if I don’t start behaving myself. I’m not a bad person so I need to think some more on that.
Anyways I’m off to do some reading so enjoy the weekend and if you can’t be good be careful…..


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  1. Hi Scratchie-I’m just glad no one was hurt-but de tief dem, yu haffi watch fe dem all de time. Glad the a/c not going to cost more since I believe you just got a new a/c. Yes, I know how hot Kingston can be. Only lizard can live in temperatures like that.
    I know how Shorter One feels being a worrier myself. Razor fencing fe true. Be safe Scratch.

    Comment by Sunshine | June 17, 2005 | Reply

  2. sounds like ya had drama closeby, glad it wasnt your family that was involved still. hope the shorter one isnt too worried for too long, this sorta thing can have psychological effects

    Comment by Jdid | June 17, 2005 | Reply

  3. Never a dull moment eh Scratchie.Running into the dogs would have been good payback for the thieves! I hope your daughter gets over the scare soon.

    Comment by Abeni | June 17, 2005 | Reply

  4. Bwoy, 2.5G for a repair bill…count you blessings my yute. Hope it work out within that price range. You know how dem give one price and den when dem start work you her seh dis and dat need fe change and ray ray!

    Yeah, it hot today…sun come out, nuff moisture inna the atmosphere…humid.

    Pity the rott never turn the tiefing ra$$ into mince yes. You wouldn’t have nuh cleaning up fe do…jus bun it up inna de rubbish heap! (Me bad!) TGIF fe real! Dr. D.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 17, 2005 | Reply

  5. Scratchie, you doh walk that dog,eeeh? Sounds like the rottie needs some exercise?
    By the way, how is the dog? I hear that rotties are not recommended for people with young children, whats are your thoughts on this?

    Comment by Mad Bull | June 17, 2005 | Reply

  6. true word Doc.
    MB this is my third rottweiler and I’ve never had a problem with them. they are 1st and foremost pets. They are aggressive to strangers but no worse than any other breed towards their owners from my point of view. This one belongs to my son and she is all wags when he goes out with her so……

    Comment by Scratchie | June 17, 2005 | Reply

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