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Monday Hail up

Morning all…well I had a painful weekend. I have not been doing so well in the eating department in the last few weeks and I guess the old body just said “alright I gwine show yuh who name boss”. I had severe gas pains all of Saturday and half of Sunday. I tell yuh some bend over and stop business. Anyways, me thinks me is back to normal. I won’t get into what the cure was 😉 Let’s just leave that alone for now shall we.
Well it has been raining a lot since Thursday or so and the weekend was no different. Had classes as usual on Saturday. What can I say, the last class of the day is turning into a fiasco. The tutor is …..I don’t know what to call him. He stutters and seems unwilling to address the needs of persons in the class. He keeps harping on buying the book when I know for a fact that some persons are really stretched to the limit and therefore survive on what they get out of the classes. It’s all well and good that they prescribe texts but brother if yuh don’t have the cash to buy the books yuh just don’t got it. Most of the other tutors tend to recognize this and so are a bit more accomodating. I have a problem with how he explains the concept. Not saying he doesn’t know his stuff but as far as I am concerned…a teacher he is not!!.
We were without light and a/c in one of the lecture theatres on Saturday and would you believe that some s.o.b. took delight in farting up the classroom. The class was disrupted by people scrambling for the doors as the smell eminated through the room. You really have some people who were dragged up in this world.
Well The Shorter one served at church for the 1st time on Sunday. She had minimal duties but did really well at what she was given to do. I’m proud of her simply because this was something she decided she wanted to do and went and did it. Her only complaint…”Daddy, the vestments hot yuh see!”
There was a mild earthquake last night at about 10:55. The magnitutude depends on your perspective. For me who was dozing off to sleep at the time it was a 9.0 on the scale. In reality it was probably a 2.0 or so…again perception is a hell of a thing. Nothing fell off the furniture so I know it was quite mild but when yuh frighten out of yuh sleep you tend to lose control of quite a few bodily functions….luckily I didn’t. (Have to say that before Doc and MB comment).
Had light snacks with some friends last night in place of dinner. The company was good.
They announced birthday for a certain Dr.D yesterday in church but I happen to know that this week is not Dr.D’s birthday so I figure it was an imposter Dr.D or there is a Dr.D senior that has a birthday this week sometime or could there be 2 Dr.D’s in the same country….hmmmmm.
Anyways, I’m tired of chatting to unoo so until later, try walk good.

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