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School Done!!! Other stuff in life to write about now….

Thursday already ???

Well, it is in fact Thursday and yes I’m tired but I’ll live. It has been a really rainy day yesterday and it has been pouring since morning so I can deduce that today will be just as wet. No complaints from me because the rain has really cooled down the place and at least I have been able to get a good nights sleep.
Had class last night and it seems that things have settled now. I got provisional grades for 2 of my three last semester courses and I am quite happy. An A and an A- so cyber drinks to all on me. On the same school note, I have not been able to source 2 of my required texts as 1 is out of print and another was out of stock as the volume of students registering for the course far exceeded expectation. Last night I was passing the notice board and guess what? …One of the texts I was able to get on loan from the Students’ Union. They offer a text loaner scheme for certain courses and mine was one so I now have access to one of the texts at no cost. The other , I have manged to secure a copy from another student so I am good to gone…..
I got in a bit late so I will have to take on the blogs a little at a time. I have been reading but have not been able to drop my usual comments but please don’t for a minute think I have given up on you all. Things are just a bit hectic right now.
Anyways, gone go get some work done so later.

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