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I have been watching the media coverage of the missing teenager in Aruba. Life is so interesting…I will not defile the young ladies character by getting into why she was and where she was at the time of her disappearance. Rather what I would like to focus on is how the story is painted in the US media. This young lady has gone through so many different characters is not funny. She has gone from young country girl to regular teenager to saint.
What struck the cord that drove this post is how the law enforcement experts and the investigators and the critics have painted the process employed by the Aruban authorities in their investigations. First and foremost……we are talking about a Dutch island in the Caribbean. Secondly Aruba is not the US as a matter of fact they are not a US territory so their methods of doing things will be different so leave the people and stop imposing your value system on them. Thirdly, when did the United States become experts in law enforcement procedures? If you guys are so good go clean up some of the crime in your own back yard and stop fassing in other people business. I can imagine the frustration of a nation trying to accomplish a task when everybody who don’t belong there in the first place looking over your shoulder and criticizing every thing you do.
I have news for you…..there are experts in every known field known to man and guess what?….they don’t all reside in the US nor do they all aspire to be aligned to the US and their policies.
Frankly I’m just tired of the media sensationalism that is following this case and frankly last nights news item was just sickening.

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Good Morning all,
I have not posted for this week as yet as I’m sure you have noticed. Well the weekend was rough and kinda spilled over into the week. I had the 1st of three mid-semester tests on Saturday. It wasn’t too bad and hopefully I will get a good grade for my work. The 2nd was on Monday evening so by now you understand the no posting thing. That one was a little more challenging. It’s amazing how you can see the personality of the examiner coming out in the tests. Monday’s own was all focused in one area of the syllabus although we have covered 4 or 5 but that is exactly the nature of the examiner. Not in a bad way mind you…. The 2nd test was more scaterred and disorganized and that is also the nature of the examiner. She even forgot to advise us that pencils would be required as they would be using multiple choice answer sheets that require shading. She had to run all over campus getting pencils to borrow. The questions on the paper were also scattered and at points strange (for want of a better word). I won’t say anything about it until the results are in.
The 2 days at work have been really hectic as well. I have been working on a document for my management for the last few months and Monday was D-day. I presented the main document which was accepted with a few minor corrections here and there due mainly to inconsistency in the data provided and incomplete instructions received but I am happy with the end product. Yesterday started the compilation of extracts from that document for presentation to several persons throughout the organization. I need to get this done by Friday so work begins. In the midst of all of this the 3rd mid-semester test will be on Saturday so yuh know how the time juggling go. The text for this one is ridiculous to say the least. Must have been written by a lawyer cuz it is almost impossible to follow. Closest I can get to putting my point across is pick up a Latin text and read it and tell me what you understand by the expressions used. It’s gonna be a challenge.
Anyways I gone do some reading so later all.

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My Rant for the Week

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This cartoon was in yesterday’s Daily Observer. It basically describes what is going on in Jamaica currently. I am not for a minute saying that the mayor should not resign. He has committed inexcusible acts if the allegations made by his wife are true. However where as his public life has suffered because of his private life the same does not hold true for our Government officials. The cartoon is pointing to the fact that despite the various charges against them the government is still sitting pretty yet the Mayor of Spanish Town is forced to resign because of what is essentially his personal business.

I am not advocating for a change of government since I do not necessarily see that as a solution to our current problems. I think instead we need to embark on a path of accountability. Each goverment in succession merely adpots the style of their predecessors. It’s an “I am doing this and you can’t do a damn thing about it” attitude. It would appear that once the votes are cast and they are appointed they automatically assume the duties of lord and master over every facet of our daily lives. Te solution to the issues in Jamaica does not rest in a PNP or JLP or any “P” government for that matter but rather in a reduction in the arrogance that greets the people on a daily basis and a level of accountability for the actions they undertake.

Later all. 

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This is how I feel today. Pity I didn’t call in with anal glaucoma.

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Hail up

Well I am at this point in life where I have absolutely nothing to blog about this morning. Quite a few of my regular reads are having some crisis or the other and are not their usual verbose selves. That’s a part of this whole life cycle thing so we bear with them, lift them in prayer if you are so inclined and just hope that the crisis they face will be for their bettermment.

Well I have a meeting with my group later and hopefully we can complete the assignment that we have to do. It is due on Saturday afternoon. It is a short paper but the ground we need to cover is hugh and to condense it covering the salient points is going to be difficult. This is compounded by the fact that the lecturer is an ……I’ll behave. He is just full of himself, no lecture notes no real guidance and just lots of hot air. The other classes are getting all the notes and the explanations from their tutors and we got stuck with this ……..moron (with a PhD. no less).

Anywayz, I gone.

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Monday 20 June

Hey all…Today is my anniversary. Last year I got married, and this year I have a 17 year old son and a 13 year old daughter and I’ve been married for 18 years. I’m just trying to confuse you. what I meant is that it seemed like yesterday but in fact today is my 18th anniversary. Cyber toast with me to a good marriage….

Other than that what can I say…last night was miserable…the heat returned.

Fathers’ Day was pretty good. The families had dinner for us and my daughter and wife woke my up to a fantastic breakfast in bed. I added two shirts to my collection and all in all the day was good.

The gardener was supposed to come to deal with the yard this morning but he bailed on me so I’m already showing the signs of Jungle Fever. The grass is up to my knees. Hopefully he will come by Friday or else I will find another person cuz it cannot stay so.

Anyway short post this morning. Later all.

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Friday again……

Well it’s Friday and I am certainly looking forward to the weekend. This week has been really hectic like so many before it but life goes on and we roll with its punches. My car has been acting up for the week but that is a story to be told. Well you may have heard that we have been having lots of rain. Well on Sunday last on coming back from the supermarket I turned onto the access road towards my home and didn’t realize that so much rain had fallen. The amount of water that came rushing down behind me literally pushed the car down the road. the engine underguard acted like a scoop and channeled the water into the engine compartment apparently. Well when I started the car on Monday morning, it sounded like the devil grinding his teeth. The noise has gotten progressively worse indicating that I have damaged at least one of the pulley bearings. On Wednesday the mechanic checked it out and it turns out to be the a/c compressor bearing….filled with water and street muck. Well last night I could take it no longer and I disabled the compressor by removing the drive belt so inna di cyar hot no baxide. I made an appointment with the a/c repair man for tomorrow at 9:00a.m. to have it fixed at an estimated cost of $2500.00 (or just about US$45.00). Not too bad considering.
last night there was a little excitement at home. Thieves stole a ladies handbag while she was passing my gate and made their escape by jumping through my yard. It all happened so fast that the dogs barely had a chance to rush at them before they were over the back fence and onto the next road. It’s a pity the rott couldn’t have backed them into a corner and chewed their ass off but hey it would have been too much cleaning up for me. The Shorter One, who is a worrier by nature was a mess. She wouldn’t even bathe with the door closed and then didn’t want to go to sleep by herself. The police who were also passing gave chase but the guys escaped through the yard behind mine and into the ones across the other road. Time for some razor fencing around there.
It’s Friday and it’s kinda hot. We have been having powercuts and it appears as if the office is being run on generator so the a/c is off. I wonder if God is trying to show me the things to come if I don’t start behaving myself. I’m not a bad person so I need to think some more on that.
Anyways I’m off to do some reading so enjoy the weekend and if you can’t be good be careful…..

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I swiped this from a friend so don’t beat me up on it…

It is suggested that the government change its current symbol to a Condom because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you’re actually being screwed.

Damn, it just doesn’t get more accurate than that.”

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Monday Hail up

Morning all…well I had a painful weekend. I have not been doing so well in the eating department in the last few weeks and I guess the old body just said “alright I gwine show yuh who name boss”. I had severe gas pains all of Saturday and half of Sunday. I tell yuh some bend over and stop business. Anyways, me thinks me is back to normal. I won’t get into what the cure was 😉 Let’s just leave that alone for now shall we.
Well it has been raining a lot since Thursday or so and the weekend was no different. Had classes as usual on Saturday. What can I say, the last class of the day is turning into a fiasco. The tutor is …..I don’t know what to call him. He stutters and seems unwilling to address the needs of persons in the class. He keeps harping on buying the book when I know for a fact that some persons are really stretched to the limit and therefore survive on what they get out of the classes. It’s all well and good that they prescribe texts but brother if yuh don’t have the cash to buy the books yuh just don’t got it. Most of the other tutors tend to recognize this and so are a bit more accomodating. I have a problem with how he explains the concept. Not saying he doesn’t know his stuff but as far as I am concerned…a teacher he is not!!.
We were without light and a/c in one of the lecture theatres on Saturday and would you believe that some s.o.b. took delight in farting up the classroom. The class was disrupted by people scrambling for the doors as the smell eminated through the room. You really have some people who were dragged up in this world.
Well The Shorter one served at church for the 1st time on Sunday. She had minimal duties but did really well at what she was given to do. I’m proud of her simply because this was something she decided she wanted to do and went and did it. Her only complaint…”Daddy, the vestments hot yuh see!”
There was a mild earthquake last night at about 10:55. The magnitutude depends on your perspective. For me who was dozing off to sleep at the time it was a 9.0 on the scale. In reality it was probably a 2.0 or so…again perception is a hell of a thing. Nothing fell off the furniture so I know it was quite mild but when yuh frighten out of yuh sleep you tend to lose control of quite a few bodily functions….luckily I didn’t. (Have to say that before Doc and MB comment).
Had light snacks with some friends last night in place of dinner. The company was good.
They announced birthday for a certain Dr.D yesterday in church but I happen to know that this week is not Dr.D’s birthday so I figure it was an imposter Dr.D or there is a Dr.D senior that has a birthday this week sometime or could there be 2 Dr.D’s in the same country….hmmmmm.
Anyways, I’m tired of chatting to unoo so until later, try walk good.

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Destiny vs. Chance(Fate)

No I’m not going to get into any real debate over the two. Just that I thought I would ask how many of you are pro one or the other. Many people believe that if something is meant to be it is going to happen one way or the other. Others feel that life is purely chance and that whatever happens will not determine the sequence of events that follow but will be followed by future instances of chance. There are other thoughts in between but we’ll stick to these two for now.
Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I reflected on my own existence here on this cute little ball of gas, rock and water and I thought about it from two sides…looking at it from a pure chance point-of-view I met wifey because I turned left that morning instead of right and took exactly seven steps from the car to the gate, not 8 or 6. If I had done anything different throughout my life I would have missed the opportunity to be married to her today.
If I look at it from the destiny point of view then no matter what I had done to that point or will do from here on in matters since all my actions and their consequence are predetermined. Somehow or the other I don’t really buy that. Not that I buy the 1st option either.
Who knows maybe its a combination of both.
Maybe I need to stop eating stew peas on a Thursday so that I can go to sleep and stop thinking about crap 🙂
Anyways all is well so I will stop here this morning and leave you to ponder on the key question for today “Is Scratchie really crazy?…or is he just pretending?”
Later all.

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